What Gauge Extension Cord is Best for Electric Lawn Mowers?

Using the wrong extension cord for your lawn mower can cause severe injuries. So, knowing what gauge extension cord is best for an electric lawn mower can protect you from such accidents. 

However, the best gauge extension cord for an electric lawn mower would be either a 12-gauge or 14-gauge. A 12-gauge extension cord is thicker and suitable for large yards, while a 14-gauge is thinner but suitable for smaller yards. 

But what extension cord is the best and how do you choose one? Let’s dive straight to the answer.

Understanding Gauge for Extension Cords:

Understanding Gauge for Extension Cords

Gauge refers to the thickness of the wire used in an extension cord and plays a crucial role in its performance and safety.

Here’s what you need to know about gauge when it comes to extension cords:

Wire Thickness: Gauge is denoted by a number, with lower numbers representing thicker wires. Thicker wires have a larger capacity to carry electrical current, while thinner wires have a lower capacity.

Capacity for Current: The gauge of an extension cord determines the amount of current it can safely carry without overheating or causing damage. Using an extension cord with an inadequate gauge for your device’s power requirements can reduce performance or pose a safety hazard.

Lower Gauge for Higher Power: Generally, higher-powered devices require thicker gauge extension cords. For example, electric lawnmowers typically have higher power requirements than smaller devices like lamps or fans and thus may require a thicker gauge extension cord to handle the load.

Length of Cord Matters: The length of the extension cord also affects the gauge needed. Longer cords experience more resistance, which can cause voltage drops and result in decreased performance. Therefore, longer cords generally require a thicker gauge to compensate for the increased resistance.

Follow Manufacturer’s Recommendations: It’s important to consult the owner’s manual of your device or the manufacturer’s recommendations for the appropriate gauge extension cord to use. Using the recommended gauge will ensure your device’s safe and optimal performance.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Extension Cord for Electric Lawn Mower:

When choosing an extension cord for your electric lawn mower, several key factors must be considered for optimal performance and safety.

Here’s an in-depth look at the factors you should keep in mind:

Check the power requirements 

Check the power requirements 

First, check your lawn mower’s user manual or the label on the mower to determine the power requirements.

Look for the information such as voltage (generally 120V) and the ampere rating (expressed in amp or watts). 

Determine the required cord gauge 

Determine the required cord gauge 

The cord gauge is something that indicates the thickness of the wires inside the cord. It refers to the cord’s ability to handle the flow of electricity. 

You can check the manufacturer’s manual to determine the recommended cord gauge for your lawn mower. Usually, for electric lawn mowers, a 14-gauge or 12-gauge extension cord is suitable.

Measure the distance Ensure for outdoor usage 

Measure the distance Ensure for outdoor usage 

Now measure the distance between the power outlet and the farthest point you will be mowing. This is helpful to choose an extension cord of proper length.

Consider outdoor use 

Consider outdoor use 

Make sure that the extension cord you’re choosing for your electric lawn mower is suitable for outdoor use. Because all extension cords are not designed for outdoor use.

Outdoor extension cords are typically water and moisture resistant, and more durable. Look for the cord labeled “water-resistant,” or “all-weather,” or “outdoor.”

Safety Features

Safety Features

Consider extension cords with built-in safety features such as grounded plugs, which provide an extra layer of protection against electrical hazards.

Grounded plugs are designed to prevent shocks and ensure the safe usage of electrical devices.

Brand Reputation and Quality:

Choose extension cords from reputable brands known for their quality and durability.

Investing in a high-quality extension cord may cost a little more upfront, but it can save you money in the long run by providing reliable performance and lasting durability.

Local Electrical Codes:

Local Electrical Codes

It’s essential to comply with local electrical codes and regulations when using extension cords for your electric lawn mower.

Familiarize yourself with the local codes and ensure that the extension cord you choose meets the requirements for outdoor use and is safe and compliant for your specific location.

5 Best Extension Cord for Electric Lawn Mower

The best extension cord for your electric lawn mower will depend on its power requirements, the distance you need to cover, and your specific preferences. However, here are some highly recommended options for electric lawn mowers: 

1. US Wire and Cable Outdoor Lighted Extension Cord 

US Wire and Cable Outdoor Lighted Extension Cord 

This extension cord is available in various lengths and gauges, making it suitable for smaller to larger yards where you need extra length. 

The best part of this cord is it features a lighted end to indicate when power is flowing. It is ideal for outdoor use and offers extreme durability and flexibility. 

Available Lengths Available Gauges
25 ft10 gauge 
50 ft12 gauge (Buy On Amazon)
100 ft14 gauge (Buy On Amazon)

2. GoGreen Power GG-13850BK Extension Cord 

GoGreen Power GG-13850BK Extension Cord 

This is another most regarded extension cord for any electric lawn mowers. It is 50 feet long and has a 14-gauge wire. 

GoGreen Power extension cords are usually designed for heavy duty equipment and tools. So, it is an ideal choice for outdoor use. 

This model also has a high amp rating for a maximum of 15 amps and 1875 watts. Therefore, it is UL (Underwriters Laboratories) listed for safety and durability. 

Check GoGreen Power GG-13850BK Extension Cord Price On Amazon

3. Coleman Cable Outdoor Extension Cord 

Coleman Cable Outdoor Extension Cord 

Coleman Cable offers a range of outdoor extension cord for your electric lawn mower. It comes with different lengths (50 ft and 100 ft) and a wire size of 12/3 gauge and 14/3 gauge. 

Therefore, it offers an excellent combination of length and durability, allowing you to reach distant areas of your lawn without sacrificing power transmission. 

Coleman cables are also UL listed and their ends are designed with a power indicator light. Overall, it’s a great choice for outdoor electric lawn mowing. 

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4. Southware 100-Foot Outdoor Extension Cord 

Southware 100-Foot Outdoor Extension Cord 

Southware offers a 100-foot long and a 12-gauge extension cord that is suitable for longer distances. Male and female both ends are water resistant, making it suitable for all weather use. 

The female end is also lighted that allows you to know where the power is. Fortunately, Southware extension cords are also UL listed and designed for heavy-duty use and feature a durable construction. 

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5. Iron Forge Cable Outdoor Extension Cord 

Iron Forge Cable Outdoor Extension Cord 

Iron Forge extension cords are highly known for their durability. They are available in various lengths and gauges, making them compatible for both small and long yards. 

Furthermore, they are water-resistant and designed for heavy-duty outdoor use. So, an Iron Forge extension cord can be a reliable choice for your electric lawn mower. 

Safety Tips:

When using a corded lawn mower, following some safety tips is important.

  1. Avoid overloading the cord by not plugging multiple high-powered devices into the same extension cord.
  2. Keep the extension cord away from water or wet areas to prevent electrical hazards.
  3. Inspect the extension cord for any damage or wear and replace it if necessary.
  4. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and local electrical codes for safe usage.


Electric lawn mowers tend to be sensitive like other electronic gadgets. So, people are seen to have various questions on the internet regarding the topic. Let’s answer some of them. 

Do I need any cord reel for my electric lawn mower? 

If you want a tidy setup, then consider getting an extension cord reel or cord management system. Cord reels help keep the cord organized and prevent tangles, making it easier to handle and store. 

How do I find the amp rating of my electric lawn mower? 

Usually, the amp rating of your lawn mower will be labeled somewhere visible such as on a plate or sticker. You can also find it in the user’s manual. 

Is it safe to use an electric lawn mower on wet grasses? 

Cutting wet grasses using a mower is not a good idea. But if you’re thinking of cutting damp grasses with an electric mower, it is definitely the worst thing you’ll do. Don’t forget that “water and electricity never mix.” 


Selecting the right gauge extension cord is essential for your electric lawn mower’s safe and efficient operation.

Consider the power requirements and cord length of your lawn mower and choose the appropriate gauge extension cord accordingly.

Following the recommended guidelines and safety tips will help you mow your lawn safely and effectively.

Remember, safety should always be a top priority when using electrical equipment, including extension cords for your electric lawn mower.

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