How to Manage Cord On Electric Lawn Mower

Unlike the Gas-powered lawn mowers that pollute the air and you also need more effort to pull-start, a corded electric lawn mower is environmentally friendly, and you can easily start it just by pressing a switch.

To use a corded lawnmower, you will need an extra-long extension cord. The long extension cord is one of the things that may cause a problem when using a corded electric mower. This is why you need to learn how to manage cord on an electric lawn mower before you start operating a corded lawnmower.

One of the problems when using a corded mower is cutting or tangling the cord. To avoid this, always start mowing from the closest place to the socket-outlet so that you will mow away from the extension cord. Also, ensure that you keep the cord away from the lawn mower’s path.

Benefits of Corded Electric Lawn Mower

The electric lawn mower is divided into corded and cordless. Many people prefer mowing with corded mower because of the several benefits. Some of the benefits that corded electric lawn mower provides include:

Reliable & Endless Power

When using a corded mower, you don’t need to worry about battery issues. The corded mower does not use batteries, so you don’t have to worry about recharging the batteries or replacing them when they get spoilt. All you just need to do is plug it into a socket outlet and continue mowing your lawn.

Price and Cost

Corded lawn mowers are less expensive than cordless lawn mowers. The corded lawnmower has a simple design, so it does not require a high maintenance cost. You can easily repair them by yourself if you have basic electrical knowledge.

Light Weight and Compact

The corded lawn mower is much lighter when compared to the cordless lawnmower. Due to its lightweight, you can easily carry it from one place to another. Aside from that, you can also turn, pull, and push it around easily (i.e., easy maneuverability).

Problems of Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Though electric lawn mower has several benefits, it also has downfalls, just like every other product. These are not major problems, but they are minor issues that you can easily avoid if you are very careful. Some of the minor issues that you may encounter when mowing with a corded mower are listed below:

·      Tangling or Cutting the Cord

This is one common issue you may encounter when mowing with a corded lawnmower. Since you are dealing with cords, you can run over the cord and cut it, and this may result in electric shock or a broken mower. You can avoid this if you know how to manage the cord on an electric lawnmower.

·      Distance Covered

Another issue you may also experience is that the cord may not be long enough to cover the lawn you want to mow, and this is why some people only prefer to use them for smaller lawns. You can also use them for bigger lawns, but you will need to get an extra-long extension cord.

·      Not Designed for Wet Surfaces

Before purchasing a corded electric lawnmower, you need to know that they are not designed for wet grasses like freshly watered grass. You may encounter two issues when you use them on wet surfaces: hovering and flotation. Also, the machine’s performance will decrease if you use it on wet grasses.

How to Manage Cord on Electric Lawn Mower?

Corded electric lawn mowers are better than cordless mowers because the cord provides unlimited and reliable power. But if you are not careful, the cord used for the corded electric lawn mower may cause some problems. Below, we will share some basic ways to manage cord on an electric lawn mower:

  1. Always inspect the cord carefully before you start mowing. You need to check if the cord is damaged or not before you plug it into the socket outlet.
  2. Ensure that you use a standard electric lawn mower cord reel so that the cord will remain organized. The electric lawn mower cord reel will help solve tangling and storage issues.
  3. To avoid cutting or tangling the cord, always start mowing from the closest place to the socket outlet so that you will mow away from the extension cord.
  4. Finally, ensure that you keep the cord away from the lawn mower’s path and also avoid stepping on the cord while mowing.

Replacing Your Electric Lawn Mower Extension Cord

Electric lawnmower cord replacement is very simple, but you need to consider some things before choosing a new extension cord for your mower. One key factor for deciding the best extension cord for your lawn mower is the Amp rating. Generally, the amp ratings of corded electric mowers are between 6-12amps.

Distance is another thing that you also need to consider when you buy a new electric lawnmower extension cord.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Where can I find the amp rating of my corded electric lawn mower?

    You can find the amp rating on a sticker/plate on the mower or in the owner’s manual.

  • What is the best cord to use for an electric mower?

    I would recommend the retractable power cords because they are much safer when compared with loose power cords.

  • Why do I need an electric lawn mower cord reel?

    Electric lawnmower cord reel helps to solve tangling and storage issues.

  • Can I use my corded electric lawn mower on wet grasses?

    No, corded mowers are not designed for wet grass.


Corded electric lawn mowers have several advantages, and some of them are low cost of maintenance, lightweight and compact, endless and reliable power, etc. Despite all these advantages, it also has some issues.

One common issue of corded electric lawn mowers is tangling and cutting. You can avoid this issue if you are very careful while using the corded mower. Other ways to avoid this issue have already been written in this article. Continue reading this article to learn how to manage a cord on electric lawn mower.

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