How to Manage Cord On Electric Lawn Mower? (4 Easy Step)

Unlike the Gas-powered lawn mowers that pollute the air and you also need more effort to pull-start, a corded electric lawn mower is environmentally friendly, and you can easily start it just by pressing a switch.

To use a corded lawnmower, you will need an extra-long extension cord. The long extension cord is one of the things that may cause a problem when using a corded electric mower. This is why you need to learn how to manage cord on an electric lawn mower before you start operating a corded lawnmower.

One of the problems when using a corded mower is cutting or tangling the cord. To avoid this, always start mowing from the closest place to the socket-outlet so that you will mow away from the extension cord. Also, ensure that you keep the cord away from the lawn mower’s path.

Why is Managing Cord On Electric Lawn Mower Important?

Why is Managing Cord On Electric Lawn Mower Important?

When you are using a corded mower, you will need a long extension cable to make sure that you have sufficient distance to cover from the power outlet. 

Thus, if you do not properly organize these cables you can end up running over it which can lead to some serious accidents and shocks. 

You can end up with tangling cord

You can end up with tangling cord

Electric mower users often complain about tangling of cord and this can cause a number of serious problems, such as cord tearing. The cord also has a chance of being run over. 

Additionally, if the cord and the cable do end up tearing or breaking down there’s a high you can get an electric shock. This happens due to the exposed metal which comes into contact with the metal blades.

Cover more distance

Cover more distance

If you own an electric mower or are thinking of getting one, you already know the cord is not that long with his cable , you can cover a small distance only.

But to cover a longer distance, you will need an extension cable but with an extension cable, it can be tough to handle the mower. 

Thus, to avoid tipping over the wire or any other accidents,  managing the extra long cable becomes important for effective usage of the mower. 

Extended cables can damage the mower

Extended cables can damage the mower

Working with longer cables can be helpful as you have the freedom to cover a larger distance from the power port. 

However if you do not properly manage the cables, it can get run over by your mower’s blade or wheels. This can significantly damage your mower’s internal parts as well as the extension cable itself. 

Moreover, an exposed wire from a broken cable puts you in danger of receiving an electric shock. 

Power cut off in middle of the work

Power cut off in middle of the work

If the extension cord is not handled properly, there is a good chance that the cable will suddenly get pulled out in the middle of your work. 

So, as a result there will be no power in the mower and it will stop working in the middle of your work. 

This can be quite annoying for any user working as you will need to come back to the power port and replug your mower. You may consider Converting your Corded Mower to Cordless Battery Powered.

How To Manage Cord On Electric Lawn Mower Properly?

By now you should have a clear idea that it is quite important to manage the cord before you start mowing to avoid serious accidents. Proper management of the extended cord requires you to follow a few different steps.

Step 1: Make sure the cord is in perfect condition

Make sure the cord is in perfect condition

The first step of proper cord management is to make sure that the cord is in perfect working condition and that there is no wear or tear on it. Even a slight breakage can cause electrocution and shocks. 

Hence, avoid using the extension cord in the first place if it has any signs of damage and replace the cable.

Step 2: Choose the correct cord length

Choose The Correct Cord Length

If your lawn is big and far away from the power source, then you will need to use an extension cord. Make sure that the extension cord is suitable for your mower. 

Choose an extension cable with an amp rating that matches that of your mower because all power equipment has various ratings. and you can find information about it in the user manual.

Step 3: Use Cord reel

Use Cord reel

Get a standard cord reel and roll the cable into it as this will keep the extended cord organized and easy to roll out when needed. Additionally, it will prevent the cord from tangling and help with the storage process.

Step 4: Start from the closest point

Start from the closest point

Keep the mower at the location on the ground where you want to begin mowing. Always begin cutting the grass from a location close to the cord connecting point so that you are able to move away from it. 

The extended cord can get into the mower and cause damage to its components. So when working with it, sling the cable over your shoulder and keep on mowing. 

After you are done roll back the cable in the mower reel to make it easiest to roll out the cable without any tangling when needed.

Replacing Your Electric Lawn Mower Extension Cord

Replacing Your Electric Lawn Mower Extension Cord

Electric lawn mower cord replacement is very simple, but you need to consider some things before choosing a new extension cord for your mower.

One key factor for deciding the best extension cord for your lawn mower is the Amp rating. Generally, the amp ratings of corded electric mowers are between 6-12amps.

Distance is another thing that you also need to consider when you buy a new electric lawnmower extension cord.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Where can I find the amp rating of my corded electric lawn mower?

    You can find the amp rating on a sticker/plate on the mower or in the owner’s manual.

  • What is the best cord to use for an electric mower?

    I would recommend the retractable power cords because they are much safer when compared with loose power cords.

  • Why do I need an electric lawn mower cord reel?

    Electric lawn mower cord reel helps to solve tangling and storage issues.

  • Can I use my corded electric lawn mower on wet grasses?

    No, corded mowers are not designed for wet grass.

  • Is using an extended cord necessary for electric lawn mowers?

    To operate a corded mower, you will need to use an extended cord, as often these mowers come with short cables. However, make sure to get a cord that is rated for your mower.

  • What happens if the cord breaks down on my mower?

    If you end up running over an extended cord or breaking it, the exposed parts of the wire can lead to electric shocks, which can be very risky. So, you must change the cords if you notice any signs of wear and tear.


Corded electric lawn mowers have several advantages, and some of them are low cost of maintenance, lightweight and compact, endless and reliable power, etc. Despite all these advantages, it also has some issues.

One common issue of corded electric lawn mowers is tangling and cutting. You can avoid this issue if you are very careful while using the corded mower. Hope this article will help you learn how to manage a cord on electric lawn mower.

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