Best Electric Brush Cutters: [Top 5 Options to Grab in 2023]

Brush cutters are excellent tools for lawn maintenance. They are powerful enough to cut through some heavy grass and compact enough to reach the tighter areas that a lawn mower can’t reach.

While they are a great investment, it’s important to find the best electric brush cutter for your lawn to make it worthy. Otherwise, you may end up with a low-quality cutter that doesn’t provide the desired results.

To make your life easier, we have done all the research and found the top 5 brush cutters. Let’s dive in and check them out.

Best Handheld Brush Cutter
Best Handheld Brush Cutter

5 Best Electric Brush Cutters : Read Why We Choose Them

When choosing an electric brush cutter, it’s important to consider the power, cutting width, weight, battery life, and durability.

The list below features the user experiences of the cutters to give you a proper understanding of each option. Let’s get going with it.

#1 YUEWXTER Electric Weed Eater

YUEWXTER Electric Weed Eater

Lawn maintenance becomes a much easier task when you have this multifunctional Electric weed eater from Yuewxter. It’s the perfect tool in your arsenal for clearing your lawn from any unnecessary grass, weed, or other annoyance. 

Why have we chosen this product?

Why have we chosen this product?

In this brush cutter, 3 different functionalities help achieve proper lawn maintenance. But the best part of this cutter is its value. It provides excellent cutting performance and is lightweight to carry around while coming at a fairly reasonable price.

How does it perform in cutting?

How does it perform in cutting?

Coming to the performance, the whole thing is very easy to put together according to the users. They could easily start working with the cutter without facing any assembly issues. Switching between blades is also very smooth and fast.

After a quick and easy setup, users only had good things to say about the performance when it went to cutting. With its 11500 RPM speed, the cutter is sharp and powerful enough to do some light to heavy yard work. Cutting through some heavy grass or saplings is like walking in the park. 

Most users consider it as a mini-mower to cut through weeds and grass beneath their primary grass. But with the inclusion of 3 modes and so many adjustment settings, the tool is versatile. You can use it for cutting brush, but it also works great for trimming and edging.

To get perfect and clean cuts, the users had to get used to using it. The tool needs a twisting motion in its cutter head for a flawless cut. However, it’s not something to lose your sleep over because, with one or two attempts, anyone will get the hang of it. 

As for the battery performance, most users are satisfied with what they get. Charging the battery takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes, which is pretty quick. Battery backup can go from 50 minutes to 90 minutes for the most part.

Another performance factor of the cutter is its lighter weight. With 4.62 lbs of weight, it’s easy to carry around and easily cut through a 1 acre of lawn. Comfortability won’t be an issue with this brush cutter whatsoever.

An issue with the performance of the cutter is its blade guard size. The blade guard tends to be a bit too large, making it difficult for the blades to properly contact lawn grass. As a result, it may suffer in cutting performance and require more time to cut lawn grasses.

What we liked

  • Multifunctional and versatile
  • Good value for money
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Easy to assemble and switchblades
  • Features good adjustment settings

Where we faced problems

  • The blade guard is a bit too large
  • Longevity of the blades isn’t great 

#2 MAXMAN Weed Wacker Grass Trimmer/Edger Battery Powered

MAXMAN Weed Wacker Grass Trimmer/Edger Battery Powered

This electric brush cutter can satisfy you with all its quality, performance, and features. The cutter works quite well for cutting grasses and is backed with good power. While it may not be a commercial-grade cutter, it surely can get the job done for your backyard.

Why have we chosen this product?

Why have we chosen this product?

The reason it’s a worthy choice is simply because it delivers in every factor. Whether it’s power, cutting quality, battery life, durability, weight, or price, it satisfies the user in almost every single aspect. It’s the perfect tool to have for lawn maintenance. 

How does it perform in cutting?

How does it perform in cutting?

According to the users of this brush cutter, it has got surprising battery life to cut through a lawn. The surprise mostly comes due to the lower price of the cutter. Usually, these tools don’t have much battery life at this price.

While each battery lasts about an hour or so, they also take about an hour to fully charge. Considering that, the battery performance is more than satisfying in such a lawn cutter tool.

Another benefit of having this cutter is its lightweight, which boosts its performance even more. Due to the lighter weight, users could operate it for longer hours without aching their hands or causing discomfort.

Coming to the blades’ performance, there were also satisfactory comments about that. Based on the user experience, the blades are good enough to cut through most grasses and sometimes even ¾” thick branches.

What makes it even better is that some users could use this same tool for two summers. Even after that, it went quite strong, indicating this cutter’s impressive durability.

The only performance factor where the cutter falls a bit short is its height. It comes with a short shaft, so reaching some areas may be difficult, especially for people with shorter heights.

What we liked

  • Very impressive battery life
  • Excellent value for money
  • Pretty sharp blades for clean cuts
  • Offers great durability
  • Lightweight enough for long hours

Where we faced difficulties

  • It’s very short to reach some spots
  • The blade takes a bit long to stop

#3 Mitrldro Cordless Weed Wacker

Mitrldro Cordless Weed Wacker

Here’s another electric brush cutter jam-packed with impressive performance and quality. It’s a cordless cutter, so it won’t be inconvenient to use cords or cables to power the unit. And with all the features, it provides some great value.

Why have we chosen this product?

Why have we chosen this product

Many users consider it one of the best electric brush cutters with great features. It has a lot to offer, starting from the low noise and high power motor to some sharp and powerful blades. It’s also very lightweight and easy to use. 

How does it perform in cutting?

How does it perform in cutting

In performance, the cutter can stand up to almost any electric brush cutter. For starters, there are metal blades included in the package that come with some serious sharpness. Some users even used the blades to cut through small sticks, tree branches, and grass.

Convenience and efficiency in performance are something that many users have shared through their experience. Even though it’s a 12V-rated tool, the power doesn’t disappoint, even with thicker grasses. And it cuts through them with good precision as well.

What makes the cutter better than most choices is the lightweight of the tool. It weighs just about 3.71 lbs making it easy to carry around the lawn and use for hours. The weight also makes it more maneuverable, and it’s easier to reach some spaces in the lawn because of that.

Also, the battery life is quite impressive. It can give you a pretty good backup with the two batteries. And charging the batteries doesn’t take up much time, so it’s easy to work with one battery and keep the other charging.

While using the tool is straightforward, setting it up might be a hectic task. A lot of the users criticized the unclear assembly instructions as well as the complicated assembly process.

What we liked

  • Packs some decent power
  • Satisfactory battery life
  • Very lightweight and maneuverable
  • Sharp and powerful metal blades
  • Good value for the price

Where we faced difficulties

  • Complicated assembly process
  • Plastic blades are useless

#4 Airbike Brush Cutter Weed Wacker Weed Eater Edger Lawn Tool

Airbike Brush Cutter Weed Wacker Weed Eater Edger Lawn Tool

Getting this brush cutter for your lawn maintenance might save your back from breaking. You don’t have to bend down to remove those annoying grass and weeds from your lawn. It has the perfect combination of height, weight, and power for cutting brushes in your lawn.

Why have we chosen this product?

Why have we chosen this product

There are several reasons that make this cutter worthy of its name. It has got excellent power to cut through some heavy brush in lawns. The battery can also handle quite a lot of pressure. Along with all that, the lightweight factor makes the tool easy to carry and control.

How does it perform for cutting?

How does it perform for cutting

The performance of the cutter is utterly satisfying to most user experiences. They all share how powerful it is to cut through thick grasses on a lawn. Some shared their experience of cutting grass that goes up to 2 inches in diameter which is considerably thick in lawn terms.

The blades they provide in the cutter are very sharp, but it gets even better when paired with the powerful motor and battery. Battery life, in particular, is impressive and lasts for a while. And the motor gives it that speed and power it needs to cut thick grasses in the lawn.

What makes it easier to use and gives it a boost in performance is its lightweight design. Users praised how easy it is to control the cutter due to its lightweight. Also, the weight allows you to carry the cutter for long hours and cover larger lawn sizes without trouble.

Along with all these, the height factor makes it a comfortable tool to use without breaking your back. It’s easy to cut lawn grass without bending over at all. Most users could stand up and still cut the grass quite deep.

As for the complaints, there weren’t many severe issues with the cutter. The only problem with the cutter is that the blade guard is made of plastic. It isn’t as secure as you would want because the power from the cutter can easily break it and cause harm to your feet.  

What we liked

  • Powerful and sharp blades
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to use and control
  • Excellent battery life
  • Adjustable height for convenience

Where we faced difficulties 

  • Poor blade guard quality
  • Durability isn’t that good

#5 Maxman Weed Wacker Cordless Electric Brush Cutter

Maxman Weed

If budget is a concern for you, then this brush cutter might be the perfect thing to have. While it may not have all the flashy features, it does work flawlessly for cutting grass on most lawn sizes. Perfect for reaching the corners that your lawn mower misses out on.  

Why have we chosen this product?

How does it perform for cutting

One of the most crucial features of this electric brush cutter is its size and design. The way they have made the cutter, it can easily get through tighter spaces to cut grasses. And the price factor is also very impressive for the kind of performance this cutter delivers.

How does it perform in cutting?

How does it perform in cutting?

In terms of performance, this brush cutter does a pretty good job with its sharp blades and lighter weight. From the beginning, you won’t have any issues using the cutter due to its easy assembly. To use the actual tool, you only have to click on a single button to turn it on.

What makes this cutter worthwhile is its capability to cut in tighter spaces. Most users shared their experience of using the cutter as an assistant to their lawn mower. It does a great job of finishing the remaining grasses a lawn mower can’t reach.

A great thing about this cutter is its height. The cutter is stretchable up to 47 inches in height, which lets you reach tighter areas without any trouble. Many people were impressed with how deep and tight areas they could reach using the cutter.

Comfortability is also another good factor with this cutter. It weighs about 6.6 lbs which a lot of users found pretty lightweight. Carrying it around a large lawn won’t be a problem. With such a lightweight tool, you can even do some pruning on large trees.

There are mixed feelings about the battery life of this cutter. Many users said that even with the two batteries, the brush cutter function only lasts about 40 to 50 minutes. And the worst part is fully charging the battery can take up to 5 hours or so.

Another problem, according to a user, is that the cutter can’t cut weeds that have a diameter of 1 inch or a bit more. They also commended the cutter for cutting small grass and weeds better than putting them out with bare hands.

What we liked

  • Reaches even the tightest of spots
  • It cuts overgrown weeds and grass quite well
  • Very affordable pricing
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Easy to assemble and use

Where we faced problems

  • Not that powerful
  • Battery life and charging are pretty bad

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By now, you know which one might be the best choice for your lawn. But if you are still curious about choosing a brush cutter, here are some common questions regarding the cutters that may help you. Let’s check them out.

How Do You Choose The Best Electric Brush Cutter?

Choosing the best brush cutter comes down to considerations like, weight, power, blade sharpness, cutting width, and battery life. Aside from that, it’s also important to think about the ease of assembly and use. Safety features like a blade guard are also very crucial.

What Volt Battery Is Better For Electric Brush Cutters?

Electric brush cutter batteries usually come in a wide variety of voltage ratings. Typically, it’s best to go with an 18v to 24v battery. But if you want professional quality cutting and trimming power, then pick a cutter with a 36V battery.

Is a Gas Brush Cutter Better Than an Electric Brush Cutter?

No, both gas and electric brush cutters are equal. It depends on what you plan to do with the brush cutter. For professional purposes, it’s better to go with a gas powered brush cutter as they are more powerful. As a homeowner, electric cutters are enough and convenient.

Are Battery Powered Brush Cutters Any Good?

Yes, battery-powered brush cutters can sometimes be as good as corded or gas-powered brush cutters. In fact, they can be even better than those choices in terms of portability and convenience.

Can You Use a String Trimmer For Cutting Brush?

No, string trimmers aren’t suitable for cutting brushes. String trimmers don’t offer the same power level as a brush cutter. They use some nylon strips working as a blade to cut light grass. Using a string trimmer, you can’t cut through thick brush, saplings, or even grass.

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