Weed Eater Trimmer With Blades Instead of String – Is It Ok?


A weed eater trimmer with string is a common scenario compared to blades. If you look at the renowned brands of weed eaters and trimmers, you can explore this. But this doesn’t mean a weed eater with blades is unusual. 

In a few cases, you can use a weed eater with blades instead of a string. Especially, when cutting thicker vegetables or grass, a weed trimmer with blades is the way to go!

There are pros and cons to using both weed eaters and trimmers with blades instead of string, depending on the purpose of your job. Let’s find out.

String vs Blade Trimmer: What’re The Differences?

String vs Blade Trimmer What're The Differences

There are some critical differences between a weed eater with string and a blade. Home lawn owners often would like to go with the string weed eater trimmer.

On the other hand, we often see the use of blade weed eater trimmers for commercial purposes. Some other differences are; 

Differentiate Facts String TrimmerBlade Trimmer
MaterialA thin, flexible line made with nylon, rubber or plastic.plastic or metal blade. 
Run Time More runtime Less runtime
Ease of Use More easy to useLess easy to use
Power of TrimmingLess power More power
Durability Less durable More durable
Purchase Cost Less expensive  More expensive
Application Cutting or trimming light weeds and grassCutting thicker grass and vegetables
Safety More secureLess secure
Running CostMore economical Less economical
Power Source Gas powered, electrical, and battery powered.Gas-powered, electrical, and battery-powered.



The string of the weed eater trimmer can be made from multiple components. But in most cases, the string is made from nylon or Polyester. 

On the other hand, the blades are usually made of hard, sharp metal or plastic, making them compatible with intricate cutting.

Run Time

Run Time

No matter whether you own a string trimmer or a bladed trimmer, the exact run time depends on what type of trimmer you have. 

Moreover, what is the power source of the trimmer? Besides, what you tend to cut or trim with the trimmer has a huge role in this case. 

However, let’s say you have a battery power trimmer. Now, if you use the string, the trimmer is supposed to give you a longer run time than a blade in the same trimmer. 

Roughly, you can use the string trimmer for 5-10 minutes more on a single charge than the bladed trimmer.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

You will find a string trimmer easier to use than a blade trimmer. The main reason behind this is that the string trimmer is lightweight. On the other hand, the blade trimmer is heavier due to the additional weight of the blade. 

In addition, it requires more skills to operate the blade trimmer, as you have to follow some serious safety measures. In the case of string trimmers, you don’t have to be that skilled.



You may need to change the string of your weed eater on a regular basis as it is made of light material. A piece of string won’t give you a long-lasting cutting performance. 

But in the case of blade weed eater trimmers, you will have absolute durability, no matter if the blade is made of metal or plastic. You don’t need to worry about changing the blades frequently.

Purchase Cost 

Purchase Cost 

In order to purchase a string of weed eater trimmers for your lawn, you need to spend around $5-$10. But you need to spend around $10-$50 in order to purchase a blade for a weed eater trimmer. 

Now, if you want to buy a string trimmer, it will cost you around $100-$200. When buying the blade trimmer, you need to spend between $150-$400. 



This is a core difference you should focus on. Yes, you should choose either string or blade weed eater trimmer based on your purpose of use. 

You can go with the string trimmer if you are a homeowner and need to cut or trim light grass and weeds. 

And in the case of edging, On the other hand, if you are looking forward to purchasing a weed eater trimmer for commercial purposes, a blade trimmer is the solution. 

This weed eater is significantly beneficial for cutting thicker vegetables or tall grass, trimming hedges, and more. But for this, you need to choose a blade made of metal. Blades made of plastic won’t be as effective at cutting brush or saplings. 

However, you can still use the blade weed eater trimmer to cut or trim the light weeds and grass, but you won’t find that convenient.

Check out this video to explore the difference between a string weed eater trimmer and a blade weed eater trimmer. 

Besides, you will find it easier to maintain the string weed eater trimmer than the blade weed eater trimmer. You can check out this video on how to string the weed eater trimmer easily. 

Running Cost 

If you are looking for a more economical way to cut weeds or grass, then string trimmer is suitable for you. First, the string trimmer is supposed to consume less battery power than the blade trimmer. 

The formula is simple, a moving string requires less power than metal or plastic blades. In addition, if you purchase a 100-foot string, you can use it for a long time. 

On the other hand, if the trimmer’s blade gets damaged due to rough cutting, you need to replace it immediately.

However, the exact power consumption costs of the string and blade grass trimmers depend on what type of trimmer you use. 

Is it gas-powered or battery-powered? In addition, the type of cutting job also impacts the trimmers’ power consumption.

Grass Trimmer Plastic Blade vs String

Grass Trimmer Plastic Blade vs String

A good number of people can’t decide whether to go with a grass trimmer with a plastic blade or string. Some people think both types of trimmers work the same way. 

But their statement is wrong. The grass trimmer with a plastic blade is more robust than the string. 

Look at the other key differences between the grass trimmer’s plastic blade and string. 

Differentiate Facts Grass Trimmer With BladeGrass Trimmer With String
Durability More durableLess durable
Purchase CostMore expensive Less expensive
MaintenanceComplex maintenance Easy maintenance 
Running cost More expensive Less expensive
MotorNeeds a powerful motorNeeds a less powerful motor
Compatibility Suitable for cutting thick grass and vegetables Suitable for light grass and weeds. 

So, Can You Use a Weed Eater Trimmer With Blades Instead of String?

It is worth mentioning that you need to know the purpose behind using the grass trimmer. If you have nothing to do with cutting vegetables or hedges but often have to trim grass and weeds, a weed eater with string should be your choice. You cut thin grass and weeds easily.

If you are looking forward to having a grass trimmer for commercial use or are a commercial landscaper and are skilled enough, then a grass trimmer with blades is the way to go. Plus, you need certain skills to use this type of weed eater.

In short, yes, there won’t be anything wrong if you use the weed eater trimmer instead of a string. But make sure you stay careful enough when cutting or trimming with a bladed weed eater.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

awn owners have confusion over whether to go with the string weed eater trimmer or the blade weed eater trimmer. And that’s why they often ask some questions online. We have planned to answer some of them.

Are There Any Safety Concerns When Using a Bladed Trimmer?

Yes, there are. You must be very careful when cutting or trimming with the bladed trimmer. Moreover, wearing hand gloves, putting non-slippery shoes on, and keeping your feet at a sufficient distance from the blade are essential. 

Can I Put a Blade on a Weed Trimmer?

Yes, you can put a blade on a weed trimmer. For this, you need to remove the string from the trimmer head and add the blade. But make sure that your weed eater trimmer is compatible with installing the blade on the head. 

How Often Should You Change the String of Your Trimmer?

You can use the string of your weed eater trimmer until there is any physical damage. If you see the string broken or damaged, you need to put in another new piece. In addition, you allow the cutting of the string, which becomes too short (less than 2-3 inches).

ConclusionBefore choosing between the bladed trimmer or string trimmer, you need to understand the differences and similarities between the two machines. When you know the difference between the two machines, choosing the best for your project will be straightforward.

You need to consider one crucial factor before choosing between trimmer blades vs. string: the type of weeds and grasses you want to cut.

Most gardeners prefer string trimmers because they are lightweight and straightforward to use.

The best machine for cutting thick brushes and small trees is bladed trimmers/brush cutters.

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