How to Fix Common Bobcat E50 Mini Excavator Problems?


Owning a mini excavator machine is an integral part of an excavating job. No matter which model you choose, it will last very long. The comfort and power delivery in the common mini-series like an E50 is unmatchable, but you may also face some problems throughout their lifespan.

Your bobcat E50 can show some common issues when it undergoes rough and tough usage in extreme weather. The issues commonly seen include but are not limited to hydraulic leaks, broken buckets, broken swing motor, etc.

Like many other mini excavator machines, the issues with the bobcat E50 can be categorized into some types. From our experience and owner’s reviews, we only focus on the significant and most common problems with the E50.

Follow our guide to identify your situation and learn how to troubleshoot it!

What are the Common bobcat E50 Problems?

How To Fix Some Common Bobcat E50 Mini Excavator Problems

The Bobcat E50 is popular among mini excavators for its mini size and fuel-efficient powerful engine. The convenience and comfort, as well as the hydraulic components it offers, make it unbeatable to its competitors.

But still, it’s a machine! It can show issues if not appropriately maintained. So, the most common problems you might face as an E50 owner are:

  • Hydraulic Leaks
  • Engine Trouble
  • Tracks not staying on
  • Broken boom
  • Broken Bucket
  • Broken Swing motor
  • Broken hydraulic pump or cylinder
  • Electrical Problems

We only listed the most common problems here, and if you have a problem not listed here, it can be because you have a rare problem. However, after reading the whole article, you may understand or find a solution that suits your situation!

8 Easy Troubleshooting For Common Bobcat E50 Problems

Below we will provide you with an easy-to-follow guide for some common Bobcat E50 problems. However, try to cater the solutions to your specific situations for the best results!

1. Hydraulic Leaks: Replace The Seals And Gaskets

Hydraulic Leaks: Replace The Seals And Gaskets

Most mini excavators, including bobcat e5o, face the common problem of hydraulic leaks. The main reason behind this is the wear and tear of seals and gaskets, although there are several other reasons for that.

If you find that problem, the most prevalent solution is to replace the seals. You need a seal removal tool and then some new seals.

First, remove the old seals and clean the area near the seals. Then you can install the new seal with the help of a seal installation tool.

Finally, you can check the new seals. If the job is successful, there will be no sign of leaks. That’s an effortless job; you can do this easily with some basic tools from the local hardware store. However, if you’re uncomfortable doing it, you can always call an expert to help you.

2. Engine Trouble: Recheck and Clean The Fuel Line

Engine Trouble: Recheck and Clean The Fuel Line

If your engine is not working properly, that means that you have issues with fuel supply. The engine won’t respond properly if it has a low fuel supply, and you can even face frequent shutdowns.

The easiest fix for this problem is to recheck the fuel line and search for possible reasons. Most of the time, cleaning the fuel line will solve the problem.

So, you need to open the access panel to the fuel system and disengage the fuel filter. Be careful; some excess fuel might spill out.

You might consider installing a new fuel filter in the housing and checking if it’s working properly after connecting the fuel line. If the engine now runs properly and there is no leak, consider your work is done here.

3. Tracks Not Staying On: Adjust Track Tension and Add Grease

Tracks Not Staying On: Adjust Track Tension and Add Grease

Sometimes you will see that your excavator tracks are not staying in place and it’s coming off frequently. This problem can occur due to the problem of the track tensioner.

The track tensioner keeps the tracks tight with the wheels, and when it does not function properly, you’re most likely to face this problem.

When you see that the tracks are too loose, add some more grease to adjust the tension. However, it is not a common problem in E50 as the tracks are well built on that model.

However, if you face a problem, first find out the grease fittings on the bottom of the machine. There will be two grease fittings on two sides.

Now, remove the grease cap and insert the grease gun into the fitting. Pump until the grease spills out from the other side of the fitting. Equalize the pressure on both sides and adjust further with a tension adjustment screwdriver. Keep in mind that you should not over tighten it. Repeat the process on the other side.

4. Broken Boom: Install A New One

Broken Boom

If there is metal fatigue, you probably have a broken excavation boom. When the metal is bent regularly, the flex can cause metal fatigue. So, you need to replace the boom, which is not very difficult, although you will need some knowledge about the machine to work it out.

Removing the broken boom includes the removal of bolts from the excavator. After the boom is removed, install a new one, and the process will be the same. Make sure the new boom is aligned perfectly before adjusting the bolt.

Once the new boom is set up, you can use it if you follow the guidelines and procedures properly; you won’t face any problems further.

5. Broken Bucket: Replace The Bucket

Broken Bucket: Replace The Bucket

The main job of the bucket is to scoop out the dirt, sand, and other material. Without the functioning bucket, the excavator machine can’t work properly.

A broken bucket is one of the most common problems a mini excavator machine like E50 faces. And the best relief is replacing a broken bucket is relatively easy, actually.

First, park your E50 at ground level and disconnect the battery. Now remove the quick counter pin along with two bolts from the top and another four bolts from the bottom.

When the bolts are removed, your bucket will come out of the excavator. Now install the new bucket in the same manner.

Reconnect the battery and check if it’s working correctly. If you follow the instructions properly, you will have no problem replacing the bucket. However, it can take a bit of time and patience.

6. Broken Swing Motor: Replace The Swing Motor

Broken Swing Motor: Replace The Swing Motor

A broken swing motor is caused by metal fatigue. Extreme bends and repetitive use in hot conditions can create problems in the swing motors.

You can fix swing motor problems with the help of expert technicians, but we won’t recommend doing it. It can cause further problems later. So, the best solution is to replace the whole swing motor.

First, you will need to disconnect the hydraulic lines from the motor. Then, remove the holding motor bolts and finally the motor. Then install a new motor and reattach the hydraulic lines.

Now test the new motor and check if the motor is working correctly. Use it for a while to see if it’s a further adjustment. If you are not an expert on this type of work, consider calling a mechanic or taking your machine to a renowned shop.

7. Broken Hydraulic pump or Cylinder: Replace The Faulty Units

Broken Hydraulic pump or Cylinder: Replace The Faulty Units

If the hydraulic pump or cylinder is broken, the only option is to replace them. They are not meant to be repaired. However, you can fix them to a certain extent.

Remove the battery or disconnect all electrical connections for the hydraulic pump replacement. After removing the access panel, you will get access to the pump.

Now replace the pump with a new one and make sure that all the parts and connections are secured and in the exact place.

A broken hydraulic cylinder replacement is very manageable, and one with simple mechanical knowledge can do it! Make sure to recheck all the changes you have done before turning on the machine. Then finally, turn on the machine and check the upgrades!

8. Electrical Problems: Hire A Technician

Electrical Problems: Hire A Technician

Electrical problems in Bobcat E50 are very common. Usually, wiring issues cause the main electrical problems.

The wiring on excavator machines like bobcat E50 is very complicated and hard to analyze. Even if you are good with it, you should leave it to the experts who are experienced in this particular job. Hiring an electrician or taking your machine to a servicing center would be our recommendation.

However, if you still want to take a shot, feel free to look around the wiring diagrams in your owner’s manual. Also, you can look for simple wire insulation damages that may cause ground faults or leakages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this segment, we are trying to answer some simple questions that the owners ask of Bobcat E50. You can also get some advice and suggestions from this segment about your machine.

How much can a Bobcat E50 Lift?

The Bobcat E50’s engine delivers 48.8 HP and has a rated lift capacity of up to 6,034 lbs.

How can I reset the Bobcat E50’s maintenance clock?

To reset the maintenance clock, first, switch off the bobcat. Then, on the left side panel, hit the light button. Now, simultaneously push the high flow and secondary pressure release buttons.
Hold the keys down until the screen reads “reset.”

How can I extend the arms of my Bobcat E50?

Sadly, you can’t extend the arms of a bobcat E50, but there is a long-arm version for your convenience!

How often should Bobcat E50 bearings be greased?

Grease in bearings has only one purpose: it reduces friction. As a result, if the lubrication is operating well, you should avoid over-greasing the bearings.
That is why the majority of mechanics recommend only oil when the friction increases.


The bobcat E50 is unmatchable for its power and comfort. Its compact size with enhanced hydraulic performance can boost productivity. However, without proper maintenance, machines like these can collapse easily!

Although it has a simple maintenance procedure, it needs more precise control. As it is a compact yet powerful machine, novice drivers can overestimate the machine.

So, we recommend you to please be careful before using heavy machines like this and always consider your and others’ safety. It is always smarter to be safe than sorry!

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