How to Fix Common John Deere 5045E Tractor Problems?


John Deere 333G features several of the best lift height, stability, and truck loading capabilities in its class. The John Deere 333G’s efficiency packages make it a breeze to use, and the mower’s reduced center of gravity makes it among the finest in its class.

This mower also comes with some issues such as PTO problems, engine issues, etc. If you have some tools at your house, you can fix these problems in most cases. There is some filter cleaning or changing, some tightening of the screws, etc.

In this article, you will learn about these issues in detail and how to fix them as well.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with John Deere 5045eSolutions
Engine problemFind the reason and fix accordingly
Excessive oil consumptionUse good oil, clean filter, fix the leaks
PTO problemsRepairing the sensor and fuse
Engine shaking after the startFix the electrical circuit, the solenoid, or the injector.

Common Problems with John Deere 5045E and the Solutions

1. Engine Problem

Engine Problem

There are several kinds of engine problems that can be found in the 333g model.

  • Engine start problem: In most cases, this issue is brought on by a malfunction in either the starting system or the fuel supply system.
  • Engine not running: When you draw on the throttle lever, this condition starts because there is air in the carburetor or there is a malfunction with the choke plate, which governs the amount of gas that is allowed to reach the combustion chamber.
  • The engine will not idle: In most cases, the issue may be traced back to a faulty spark plug. In addition to that, the spark plug could have an improper spacing between them, which could also be the cause of this. 
  • The engine is distorted: You’ll need to inspect both the engine and the muffler prior to moving on to any additional options. You must examine the mowers’ muffler for possible loose screws or clamps which could be creating the sound if there are no abnormalities identified in the engine section.
  • Rough running: When the engine of the John Deere 333g sputters for a while before turning back on, you need to make sure that the fuel cap is not left open or messed with in any fashion. If it has, then the engine has to be reset. If it has, then you’ll have to shut it very hard until you hear a click, and then do it again.
  • Engine Knocks: When you are driving the 333g Tractor, you could notice that the engines make a knocking sound occasionally or that they make clicking noises. This could be the result of the engine being run at too low of a speed for an extended period of time or a low fuel level.


  • If you are having trouble starting the engine, try rotating the key in both directions several times. If it continues to be difficult to start, you should examine the spark plug as well as the fuel supply system for any potential problems.
  • Adjusting the choke plate is necessary before attempting to start the engine since the choke plate is one of the potential causes of the engine not running.
  • If you have an issue with the engine not idling, check to see whether the spark plug is still good. If it is not good, you need to replace the spark plug.
  • Fix the loose screws or clamps. It should fix the distortion problem.
  • Tightly close the gas cap, and sharpen the blades to prevent the rough running.

2. Excessive Oil Consumption

Excessive Oil Consumption

The oil consumption of certain John Deere 333g models shows increased significantly. Carburetor issues can be a contributing factor. Unusual events can occur whenever the carburetor is blocked or the fuel system has an unanticipated leak.

Carburetors that are clogged are the most typical cause of inefficient fuel use. Clogged carburetors cause fuel to flow out of the carburetor plate ports and wet the spark plugs, preventing the engine from starting.

Fuels with the greatest levels of ethanol are more likely to absorb moisture from adjacent air than those with less. Metals that are revealed to moisture will rust, as well, making them susceptible to corrosion. Internal components of mowers rust and leak because of this.


First of all, try to find good-grade oil for your 333g mower. It will be a good initiative to fix the oil problem because the wrong oil grade will cause the engine to suffer and fuel consumption increases.

Never use the mower at a low oil level. It will cost you more than normal. Also, changing the oil regularly as old oil will be a hindrance to the oil economy.

If there is any leak in the system, you should take it to an expert for sealing it, or if it needs to be replaced you should do that.

3. Engine Shaking after the Start

Engine Shaking after the Start

Another problem that frequently occurs with this lawn mower is that the engine will begin to shake as soon as it has been started. If you encounter a situation that is similar to this one, you can do some fixing. 


First, perform a check for choking before continuing. There’s a chance that it got caught up inside the pump.

It’s also possible that the problem is caused by a malfunction in the electrical circuit, the solenoid, or the injector.

If you have the means to do so, you really ought to get a specialist’s opinion on the matter.

4. PTO Problems

PTO Problems

There is a malfunction with the PTO, the back hydraulics, and the front reverse. It’s possible that the transmission indicator signal and the stop signal, along with the blinking danger signals and the exclamation point light, will turn on at random times.


In most cases, the problem with the PTO can be remedied by checking and subsequently repairing the sensor.

In the event that the sensor is broken beyond the point of being able to be repaired, you will have to change it.

Alternately, it’s conceivable that a fuse has broken, in which case you must fix it as soon as possible.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

333g of John Deere is a decent mower that can work pretty fine in rough conditions. Users who have used this mower gave mixed reviews about it. Some said they have enjoyed this one without any trouble.

On the other hand, some mentioned engine issues, power loss problems, etc.

One user said that he used this mower for many years and other than some minor issues he didn’t have any problems with it.

But another user mentioned that just a few days after buying the 333g it was making sound and causing trouble with the PTO.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What engine is in the John Deere 333g?

Yanmar’s 4TNV94FHT powers the John Deere 333g mower. It has decent power and amazing features.

How much fuel does a 333g hold?

John Deere 333g has a massive fuel capacity of 114 L. You can use this mower for a long time without the need of refilling it.

Final Thoughts

There are some problems with the John Deere 333g but that does not really say everything about it. It has many good sides.

But if you are facing some of these problems, unfortunately, then just follow the instructions in the article. I hope you get it fixed easily and have a happy experience with your 333g.

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