How to Adjust the PTO Clutch on 1997 Mahindra Model 435D1?


It’s not unnatural for you to want to fit a separate PTO Clutch on your Mahindra tractor. But having an extra part installed means another element that needs adjustment. So, to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape, you need to know how to adjust the PTO clutch 1997 Mahindra Model 435D1.

If the PTO clutch doesn’t engage, check whether it’s getting enough voltage. Or if the clutch is engaging, but you don’t see the shaft turning, it may be due to a bent linkage.

There can be a myriad of reasons for which you need to adjust your PTO clutch. And for different reasons, you need different solutions. But whatever the reason is, all of them are fixable. So, don’t panic and follow this discourse.

Why Does The PTO Clutch Need Adjustment?

Why Does The PTO Clutch Need Adjustment

The problem can very well be a simple one. For example, maybe your oil pressure level is too low, or there’s a bad connection between the clutch and the shaft. 

Whatever the cause may be, all of these problems are solvable. Check some of the following factors if a problem arises.

  • Clutch won’t engage
  • Irritating noise
  • PTO shaft won’t turn

How To Adjust The PTO Clutch 1997 Mahindra Model 435D1?

Sooner or later, your PTO clutch is going to need some adjustment. So, to reduce the amount of wear and tear, it’s better to nip the problem in the bud.

1. Clutch Won’t Engage: Check the Voltage

Check the Voltage

Sometimes you’ll see that your clutch isn’t working correctly. There may not be any other symptoms; it just stopped engaging out of nowhere. Well, the problem may lie in the battery.

Pick up the owner’s manual and check the location of the battery on your equipment. Once located, use your voltmeter to check if the voltage is at proper levels. 

Chances are, it’s probably not. If there’s a lack of voltage, no matter how many times you try, your machine won’t be getting enough power to start.

You need to charge the battery if the voltmeter reads 12.5 or less. But if you see that the voltmeter indicates that the battery has enough power, check the in-line fuse. 

You should find it between the PTO clutch assembly and the electrical wiring. Unbolt the cap wires, and you should see the fuse filament. 

If the fuse is blown or black, you need to replace the fuse with the original amp rating. That should solve your problem.

2. Irritating Noise: Replace the PTO Belt

 Replace the PTO Belt

If your PTO clutch is engaging, but there’s an annoying noise every time you turn it on, there may be something wrong with the bearing, the flywheel, or the pulley belt. 

In most cases, it’s due to the last cause. If that’s the case, you’ll need to replace the belt.

You can do it yourself or get a mechanic to look at it. If you’ve decided to do it yourself, remove the ignition key and remove the ignition wire. Don’t forget to engage the parking brake. 

After prepping the car for maintenance, take off the belt covers. You’ll probably need a ⅜” wrench for this job. 

Once you’ve removed the belt covers, the belt should be next. Don’t get rid of it altogether, just from the spindle pulleys. 

Next, loosen it from the engine and idler pulleys. Now, the belt is ready to be replaced. Just repeat the above process to fix a new belt in the reverse direction.

3. PTO Shaft Won’t Turn: Exercise the Lever

PTO Shaft Won't Turn

Unless your PTO is a mechanical one, skip this part. However, for those of you who have an automatic PTO clutch, this part’s for you. 

If you see that the PTO light is coming on after engaging the PTO clutch, but the shaft isn’t turning, the problem is most likely the linkage between the lever and the clutch.

Take a look at the connection between the rear gearbox and the driveshaft. If the link is damaged or even worse, broken, you won’t have any control over the shaft. If the link is broken, disconnect the outer rod. Then, grab your vice grips and work the lever out.

But if the connection between the two pieces of equipment seems to be in a good shaft, your other option is to rotate the shaft by hand. You can tell it is in good condition if you can turn the pole in one direction but not the other.

How do I diagnose my PTO clutch 1997 mahindra model 435d1?

How To Adjust The PTO Clutch 1997 Mahindra Model 435D1

First, put two jacks on the front and the rear of the frame to keep it steady above the ground. Next, get a voltmeter to get the reading on your engine. If the output is at or below 12.5 volts, charge the battery.

If the in-line fuse is brown or black, replace it with another one with the same amperage rating as the original. 

Finally, plug the negative cable and ignition switch in with a socket. Please press the engagement lever and depress it a few times after starting the engine. Turn the machine on and off. 

Repeat this process a few times. Unless you face a problem in any of these steps, your PTO clutch is in good shape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Besides the troubleshooting part, many of you may have different questions regarding this piece of equipment. So, we’ve tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Why is my PTO clutch overheating?

It’s mainly due to faulty installation. If you don’t torque the clutch properly and use an impact wrench instead of a torque wrench, it will create too much pressure on the bearings. As a result, the bearings heat up when used and overheat the clutch. 

What can cause my PTO clutch to stop functioning?

Malfunction in your PTO clutch system can be due to simple reasons. For example, there’s probably a blocked fitting, or something may be wrong with your solenoid. Or it can be due to a simple bad connection. 
On the other hand, if your PTO is mechanical, it can stop working if you didn’t install the clutch correctly or if the back legs are too tight. Low air pressure may also prevent your mechanical clutch from functioning correctly.

How do I adjust the pressure on my PTO clutch?

After being used for a while, your PTO clutch’s pressure may need to be adjusted. Get an Allen wrench and turn the valve stem in the hole through the spool. 
If you want to increase the pressure, screw the stem into the block. And if you’re going to decrease the pressure, threading the stem down should do it. Make sure not to exceed 300 PSI to keep the clutch pack in the best shape.


PTO clutches are a lifesaver for those looking to fit another piece of equipment on their Mahindra 435D1. However, that also means you must know how to take care of it. Otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of time and money in vain running back and forth to the mechanic.

The process is simple enough. However, apart from knowing how to adjust the PTO clutch in your 1997 Mahindra Model 435D1, you also need to keep up with the maintenance work to keep it in shape. But on the off chance you run into a problem, the guide above should help you. All the best!

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