Where Is the Carburetor on a Lawn Mower & How It’s Look Like?

The core task of the carburetor is to be the driving force of the lawn mower engine. But this component on the lawn mower can get faulty due to various reasons. That said, to check the carburetor on the lawn mower, you must know its location.

Where is it in the lawn mower, and what does it look like? You’ll find the carburetor behind the air filter, usually blocked by circular housing. It has a metallic bowl appearance with a shiny surface. 

We’ll be discussing the carburetor in detail. Therefore, let us dive right into the article.

What Is A Lawn Mower Carburetor And How Does It Work?

What Is A Lawn Mower Carburetor And How Does It Work

The carburetor in the lawn mower is responsible for maintaining the balance between fuel flow from the tank and air intake from outside. 

It is one of the significant elements of the lawn mower engine, and you can denote it as the lung of the engine.

This component of your lawn mower has multiple connections. Also, the carburetor is integral to determining the functioning duration of your lawn mower engine. 

It doesn’t come up with any throttle butterflies and has reasonable control over the engine speed. 

That said, the carburetor functions specifically through dual chambers. Two of these chambers work simultaneously, in which the fuel from the first chamber goes to another one where combustion happens. 

It helps to enable absorption in the engine, which eventually creates a mixture between air and fuel. The result will be the priming of the carburetor, and you’ll be able to start the engine.

What Does A Carburetor Look Like?

What Does A Carburetor Look Like

The design and outlook of most carburetors are almost identical. These come with identical small metal parts with levers and springs. 

On top of that, a bowl-shaped metal covering is below the body of the carburetor. 

If we go in depth, there are openings on both the front and backside.  These openings help the case air enter, eventually going to one of the dual chambers for combustion.

It is a trait of most regular lawn mowers, but not all lawn mower carburetors look similar. That said, some of the essential components of the lawn mower are given below:

  • Fuel Bowl: It’s located at the bottom and has a floating mechanism that regulates the fuel level
  • Idle Jet: It regulates the fuel mixture when the engine speeds are low. It works when the throttle is nearly closed.
  • Main Jet: It regulates fuel flow to the intake stream of the carburetor
  • Choke Plate: It’s a round metallic plate that is associated with the choke lever. The entire mechanism limits air intake to enable a good fuel mixture.
  • Float: A small component in the fuel bowl rises and falls with the fuel level. This float is attached to a fuel valve that dictates fuel flow.
  • Throttle Plate: It is another metallic round plate on the opposite side of the choke plate on a different side carburetor.
  • Butterfly Valve: It reduces air intake and enables fuel-rich charges to be driven into the fuel bowl.

Where’s The Carburetor On a Lawn Mower?

Where’s The Carburetor On a Lawn Mower

The exact position of the carburetor in the lawn mower is often concealed behind the air filter. However, it can differ depending on the specific mower model and make.

Let us look at the possible positions where you can find the lawn mower carburetor.

Beneath Air Filter Covering

Beneath Air Filter Covering

In most cases, you can find the carburetor under the air filter. Depending on the lawn mower model, this covering can be metallic or plastic. This cover ensures the air filter’s attachment to the engine; once you remove it,  you can see the carburetor.

Fuel Tank Connection

Fuel Tank Connection

One of the elements of the carburetor is that it is connected to the fuel tank. A fuel line acts as a passage for gasoline to the fuel bowl. If you follow the lines from the tank, you might eventually find the carburetor.

Close To Intake Manifold

Close To Intake Manifold

The position of the carburetor is always near the engine intake manifold. Carburettor is the part where air and fuel mixtures are created and passed to the combustion chamber. The carburetor is attached to the intake manifold or the engine block.

How To Adjust A Lawn Mower Carburetor?

How To Adjust A Lawn Mower Carburetor?

The adjustments in the lawn mower carburetor are crucial because of the imbalance created by the absence of a rich-fuel mix. 

According to our findings, we already know that the carburetor is responsible for creating a rich-fuel mix. But issues arise when the mix runs short of fuel, like when the engine goes lean.

In this regard, we are explaining the process of adjustments in the directives below:

  • The first task for you would be to clean the carburetor before making any adjustments
  • Inspect for any kind of wear and repair the damaged parts
  • After the cleaning and repair, take measures to reassemble the carburetor
  • Start your lawn mower and inspect the sound of the engine running
  • If the engine refuses to start, there is an issue with the fuel passage
  • With the help of the user manual, make the necessary adjustments to the main inlet, throttle plate, and choke valve
  • .Check whether there is a rich operation, which you’ll know when the choke won’t fully open
  • Try running the engine at full load
  • Smooth running will ensure adjustment


You must know its location and appearance to maintain and troubleshoot issues associated with the lawn mower carburetor. It’s a critical engine component that you must not neglect.

You must check the user manual and make/model before trying out measures to locate the carburetor. 

The reason is only some of the models may have similar positioning. Moreover, whether cleaning or adjusting, ensure proper efficiency in either process.

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