Best Oil for Honda Lawn Mower: Choose the Right Type to Use

As a Honda lawn mower, you can use oil made by Honda. While they are the best oil for Honda lawn mowers, they aren’t unavailable. This can be an issue, especially when you are in urgency.

The good thing is that several other oils are suitable for Honda lawn mowers. And the best part is that we bring you the top 5 choices to make your life much easier in finding the perfect oil. Let’s get through them below.

What Type of Oil Does Honda Lawn Mower Use?

What Type of Oil Does Honda Lawn Mower Use

Before looking at the different brands, you should focus more on the grade of the oil. Most of the Honda lawn mowers use oil with SAE 10W-30. It’s what Honda recommends using in most of their lawnmowers.

Some may prefer 5W-30 in cold weather due to the lower viscosity, which helps the mower engine get more lubrication. But in general, the oil should be an SAE 10W-30 grade, as they have a higher viscosity to keep the engine a bit cooler.

For the oil type, it’s always best to use synthetic oil for Honda lawn mowers as per manufacturers’ recommendations. Sometimes you may be fine with a synthetic blend, but conventional motor oils aren’t suitable for lawn mower engines.

As for the capacity, it mostly depends on the model of your lawn mower. Some have an oil capacity of 18oz, and some can go up to 60 or 70 oz. Check your lawn mower manual to find out what the manufacturer recommends.

5 Best oil for Honda Lawn Mowers

While choosing the following five oils, we considered their compatibility with Honda lawnmowers.

Apart from that, the quality and reliability factor plays a big role in choosing these oils. No matter which one you pick, you definitely end up with quality.



There is no better oil option for Honda lawn mowers than the motor oil from Honda themselves. If you can get your hands on this one, and they fit your budget, then you shouldn’t look elsewhere. It’s the same oil Honda provides in their mowers and along with it.

Why have we chosen this product?

Well, there is no reason to choose this product. First, it comes from Honda, so compatibility and reliability will never be questioned here. As for the improvement in engine quality, it does a great job for the most part. It’s surely the best option to go for any Honda lawn mower.

How does it perform in a lawn mower engine?

How does it perform in a lawn mower engine

While using the manufacturer’s oil provides great reliability, the performance factor can still be questionable. Fortunately, that’s not the case with this oil for lawn mower engines. It takes the performance of your lawn mower to a new level.

First, using the oil requires no measurements as they come in 1-quart bottles. There are two bottles of oil, which should be enough to run a lawn mower without any trouble. Simply pour the oil into your lawn mower right from the packaging.

Now going to the real performance factors, the oils are perfect for lubricating lawn mower engines. Many users shared their experience of using the oil and the engine staying lubricated for a long time. It also ensures you don’t have too much oil for your mower. 

Most users consider it the best oil for resisting thermal and viscosity breakdown. The oil with its SAE 10W-30 has a much thicker viscosity, making it preferable for warmer weather. So, it will bring much better results for your lawn mower in warmer regions.

The thing with this oil for any Honda lawn mower is that there is no performance issue whatsoever. Since it’s an OEM-grade oil, it’s the best thing you can have for the engine. While it may seem expensive for some, it’s worth the money.

What we liked

  • OEM grade quality is unmatched
  • Enough quantity for any lawn mower
  • Keeps engine lubricated longer
  • Improves performance quite a lot
  • Resists any thermal and viscosity breakdown

Where we have faced difficulties

  • Can’t store them in large numbers
  • They aren’t always available

#2 Castrol 03081 Edge 10W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil,

Castrol 03081 Edge 10W-30 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil,

Castrol has to be one of the top dogs for motor oils. The Castrol 03081 Edge 10W-30 is one of those motor oils that brings a lot of performance boost for your lawn mower. It’s a fully synthetic oil, so it’s the perfect oil type for a Honda lawn mower.

Why have we chosen this product?

What makes this oil superior to others is its reliability factor and quality. It has an advanced formulation that enables the oil to protect the engine longer and prevent sludge buildup. This can be very effective in retaining the power in your stock engine.

How does it perform in a lawn mower engine?

How does it perform in a lawn mower engine

In performance factors, the oil is capable of handling most Honda mowers without any trouble at all. A 5-quart bottle can be enough to provide for more than two lawnmowers easily. And the real magic starts after using the oil in your engine.

Many users have suffered their engines going through stress due to excessive use of lawn mower blades. This oil protects the mower engine from any kind of wear and tear, which increases its durability. They could easily notice a difference in it after using the oil.

Any engine going through sludge-clogging problems can benefit from this oil. After using the oil, almost all the users praised how the oil can make the engine completely free of sludges. This can effectively increase the performance of lawnmowers, giving them more power.

Another noticeable factor is the longevity of the oil. No matter how powerful your lawn mower is, it doesn’t consume too much oil. Many users said using a little oil can last for quite a while in their lawnmowers.

Some users shared their concerns with the packaging as they didn’t get a satisfying experience storing the oil. This was a concern for a lot of users out there. Also, the pricing seemed to be a bit higher, which can become an issue as a lawn mower engine oil.

What we liked

  • Longevity of the oil is very impressive
  • Prevents all kinds of sludge buildup
  • Increases the engine life and durability
  • Improves overall engine performance
  • Provides great wear protection

Where we have faced difficulties

  • Packaging could be better
  • Comparatively pricier

#3 Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 10W-30 Motor Oil

Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 10W-30 Motor Oil

Valvoline has always been a popular choice for motor oil. This one can be your perfect pick if you want the best protection from engine breakdown. The oil comes with a formulation that protects your engine from most adversities.

Why have we chosen this product?

When engine protection is the priority, this full synthetic oil is a phenomenal option for lawn mower engines. This oil does it all, whether it’s protection against heat and temperature or deposit buildup.

How does it perform in a lawn mower engine?

How does it perform in a lawn mower engine

While the oil works great in cars, many users have also shared their experience of using it in a lawn mower engine. And all of them are satisfied that this oil makes their engine lubricated and protected for a long time.

After using the oil in the lawn mower engine, most users boasted about the protective capabilities of the oil. They got protection against heat, friction, and wear, which is pretty rare from other oils. Along with that, it also protects sludges.

Even though it’s an SAE 10W-30, which is much more suitable for warmer weather, the temperature protection also makes it work in colder weather. So, it gives you the versatility to use the oil in most conditions without worrying too much about the temperature.

A great factor about oil is its ability to boost the performance of your engine. With great lubrication and protective abilities, the oil can bring out the full potential of the lawn mower engines, according to users. It can make the lawn mower run much better than usual.

While the oil is great and everything, there is one issue: the availability of the oil. You can’t find this oil all the time, and the times you do, it can be a bit too pricey to use on a lawn mower.

What we liked

  • Great support for various temperatures
  • Enhances engine performance
  • Provides great protection against wear
  • Prevents sludge buildup in the engine
  • The oil effect lasts for a long time

What We Dislike

  • A bit too pricey for lawnmowers.
  • Difficult to find all the time.

#4. Mobil 1 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil 10W-30

Mobil 1 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil 10W-30

Everyone knows how great Mobil 1 is as a brand for cars and other vehicles. But they can also be a great option for your Honda lawn mower due to their excellent ability to improve its performance. Surprisingly, this oil has a lot to offer to the mowers.

Why have we chosen this product?

Aside from the big name, reliability, and quality, this oil is a great choice for mowers because of the boost in performance. Using this oil can make the lawn mower run much smoother and cause fewer issues in the engine. Also, it’s readily available in most places.

How does it perform in a lawn mower engine?

How does it perform in a lawn mower engine

In terms of performance, this oil surely delivers on the longevity factor. According to a user, they used the oil once in their lawn mower and forgot about it for a long time. There is no need to change the oil frequently due to its high-quality properties making it durable.

Along with longevity, the oil also boosts the performance of the lawn mower engine. As a user said in their experience, their engine started running much quieter and smoother after using this oil in the lawn mower engine.

With the performance boost, you also get great cleanliness from the oil. It doesn’t sludge up or cause clogging issues in the engine. There is also extra protection against any kind of wear in the engine, which makes the engine much more durable.

Aside from all that, the oil is fully synthetic and has 10W-30 in viscosity, which makes it suitable for warm and cold weather. Users never had trouble using them in cold or warm weather due to their heat and low-temperature protection.

A problematic issue with the oil is the packaging. It doesn’t come in the best packaging and can sometimes leak. This can affect the storage factor, which can eventually result in the degrading quality of the oil. Considering the price of the oil, you won’t want to lose any oil.

What we liked

  • Oil effect lasts for a long time
  • All weather usability
  • Makes mower engine run smoother
  • Provides great protection to the engine
  • No oil burning issues at all

What we Dislikes 

  • Packaging is a bit poor
  • Expensive for mowers

#5 STP Premium Small Engine 4 Cycle Oil Formula

STP Premium Small Engine 4 Cycle Oil Formula

This is the perfect pick if you want dedicated oil for a smaller engine like your Honda lawn mower. While the other options are meant for all kinds of engines, the STP premium oil is meant for tools like lawnmowers and push mowers.

Why have we chosen this product?

One of the strongest points of this engine oil is its longevity. Since it’s made particularly for mower engines, it has the exact properties that ensure the oil effect lasts for a long time. The oil compensates for efficiently using blades at high RPM on a lawn mower. 

How does it perform in a lawn mower engine?

How does it perform in a lawn mower engine

Coming to the performance of this oil on a lawn mower, it only has factors to impress. Among all of them, the most impressive one is the longevity factor. Once you use this engine oil, it can keep the engine running clean for quite a long time without any issues.

Unlike the other options, this synthetic blend gives it the all-weather protection ability. As users, they could use the oil every season of the year without degrading the performance of their lawn mower.

Something unique to love about the motor oil is its filler neck. First, it’s reusable, and you can use it for just about any other oil brand. But the most important part of the filler neck is that it’s tight and doesn’t leak any oil from the container. 

The performance factor that wowed a lot of users was this oil-fighting difficult engine starts. Many lawn mower owners had difficulty starting their engines and experienced great results after using this oil in their mowers.

Where the oil falls short is the mileage factor. The engine oil doesn’t provide the expected mileage or oil efficiency in your lawn mower engine. That turned out to be a disappointing factor for some users out there.

What we liked

  • Excellent longevity of the oil
  • Great filler neck for leak-free storing
  • Helps in improving engine performance
  • Suited for most lawn mower engines
  • Works in almost all weather conditions

What We Disliked

  • The packaging isn’t that good
  • Not the best for mileage

Oil For Honda Lawn Mower Gcv160

Oil For Honda Lawn Mower Gcv160

If you own a Honda lawn mower with a GCV160 engine, you know that keeping it well-oiled is essential to its performance.

But what kind of oil should you use? The answer may surprise you –regular motor oil, the same kind you put in your car, is the best choice for your Honda GCV160 lawn mower engine.

You don’t need to buy special “lawn mower oil” – pick up a quart of 10W-30 or 5W-30 at your local auto parts store, and you’re ready. Why is regular motor oil the best choice for your Honda GCV160 engine?

There are a few reasons:

  • It’s formulated to protect engines from wear and tear. Your lawn mower engine goes through a lot of stress as it powers the blades, so it needs oil to protect it from all that wear and tear. Motor oil is designed to do just that.
  • It has additives that help keep engines clean. Over time, engines can start building up dirt and grime deposits. These deposits can cause problems like decreased performance or even engine failure. Motor oil contains additives that help keep engines clean and free of these deposits.
  • It has antioxidants that help prevent corrosion. Corrosion is another enemy of engines, and motor oil contains antioxidants that help fight it off.

Can I Use 10w30 Oil In My Honda Lawn Mower?

Most Honda Lawn Mowers recommend using the 10W-30 motor oil in their engines. It doesn’t matter what brand of oil you are using, but it has to have the 10W-30 viscosity in them. You can also use the SAE 10W-30 oil to have a thicker viscosity and live in warmer regions.

Can I Use 5w30 Oil In My Honda Lawn Mower?

Can I Use 5w30 Oil In My Honda Lawn Mower

While most of the Honda lawn mowers recommend using 10W30 viscosity motor oil, you can try the 5W30 in colder regions. With a lower viscosity, it can work out well in both conditions. But it’s best to use the 5w30 in colder weather for Honda lawn mowers.

What Is The Honda Hr173 Oil Capacity?

Honda Hr173 typically has an oil capacity of 0.4l or 0.42 US quarts.


You may wonder what oil to use if you have a Honda lawn mower. The good news is that only a few types of oil are suitable for use in Honda lawnmowers.

In this blog post, we’ll go over what kinds of oil you can use in your Honda lawn mower and how to choose the right one for your needs.

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