What Does a Zero Turn Mower Mean? (Know Pros & Cons of It)


It is quite easy to say why a zero-turn mower is one of the most popular choices among landscapers. But do you know what does zero turn mean & what are the pros and cons of it?

The zero-turn mower refers to having a turning radius of zero degrees. It is fast, multifunctional, fuel-efficient, and easily customizable. But you will find it relatively pricier than traditional lawnmowers. 

For your convenience, we have discussed the key pros and cons of the zero-turn mower to help you make an ultimate buying decision.

What Does Zero Turn Mower Mean & How Does It Work?

What Does Zero Turn Mower Mean & How Does It Work

A zero-turn mower, as the name suggests, consists of a turning radius of 0 degrees. Instead of underneath, this lawnmower contains a mowing deck right into the front.

Almost every zero-turn mower is 4 wheeled, including dual large-drive wheels on the rear and dual swiveling wheels on the front. 

The majority of zero-turn lawn mowers are not included with a particular steering wheel. Rather, they have two specific levers, which are liable to operate the motors well-attached to each wheel on the back. 

Basically, the engine takes the liability to power up the lawn mower so that the blade can spin underneath the deck to cut off grasses. Using steering levers, the user gets the ability to control the zero turn’s motion. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Zero Turn Mower? 

Every lawnmower in the current marketplace has its own unique specs, advantages, and drawbacks. And there is no exception for the zero-turn mower!

Let us share some of its key pros and cons. And thus, you can decide whether it is going to be a good deal to spend on a zero-turn mower or not –

Pros of Zero Turn Mower:

Pros of Zero Turn Mower

1. Top-Class Speed

Speed comes to be one of the first priorities among some regular mower users. Because they often have to mow lands on a daily basis within a required period of time. In that case, we believe the zero-turn mower will not let you get disappointed!

Compared to traditional mowers, zero-turn lawn mowers contain quicker ground speeds. On top of that, you can cover up relatively more ground within a couple of passes by using a large deck. That is how it saves your mowing time! 

2. Increased Efficacy

Increased Efficacy

Better maneuverability deserves to get the credit for efficient mowing. Unlike the typical mowers out there, a zero-turn mower can move from forward to reverse within no time! 

And guess what? It also has the ability to move around in extremely tight areas. This will give you extra convenience to operate the mower.

3. Fuel-efficient 


As the zero-turn mower is prone to take a short time to mow, it is obvious that it will consume relatively less fuel. As a result, you should not have to spend more bucks on fuel, unlike the traditional mowers out there. So there is nothing wrong with considering it a “fuel-efficient mower!

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4. Customizable

We have seen many top-notch mowers that suit few-acre projects only. But guess what? Many zero-turn lawn mowers are better for 5+ acres. In fact, there are some other choices available under 5 acres designed for those who have slight budget issues. 

Let’s not forget its variety of attachment options, which gives you a chance to customize your zero-turn mower based on your budget and needs!

5. Brings Comfort

Brings Comfort

Fortunately, most zero-turn lawn mowers include a couple of comfort features, and power-steering is one of them. This will let you get more control in terms of mowing intricate lands with the maximum accuracy possible. 

On top of that, you will find a comfortable seat around the zero-turn mower. A few commercial mowers feature seats with weight-adjusting facilities. 

6. Versatile

Throughout the year, the zero-turn mower has been developing gradually with innovative features. The manufacturers are incorporating several fuel sources, adding optimal versatility. 

Due to this, users get the freedom to choose their desired fuel source based on their necessity, budget, and so on. 

Cons of Zero Turn Mower:

1. Trouble Going Uphill and Sloppy Surfaces

Almost every zero-turn mower can smoothly go through mowing over even surfaces.

Nonetheless, you will have a hard time going uphill, as your mower will eventually lose its actual strength. Besides, sloppy surfaces can also create a serious bummer for the zero-turn lawn mower. 

So you must avoid riding over slopes, especially if the surface contains mud, dirt, and wet grasses.

2. Need Prior Experience to Operate

Need Prior Experience to Operate

There is no way of getting straight into the zero-turn mower and starting riding! Because its functionality and usage might be totally different, which is why prior experience is a must to run it. 

You should at least know how to make the proper use of hand controls, foot pedals, and how you can ride safely. In this case, a couple of practices will be needed before you attempt to mow. 

3. It Costs a Fortune

Compared to standard lawnmowers, zero-turn mowers have relatively higher price tags. Moreover, their replacement parts are also a bit steep, and sometimes hard to find. 

In order to get any residential zero-turn mowers, you might require around 3000 dollars. The cost will be increased to around 6000 dollars when you get into purchasing the one with robust decks.  Maintenance costs can be equally expensive!

So you should have the mentality of spending higher if you want to enjoy its outstanding features. 

What’s the Difference between a Zero Turn And a Lawn Mower?

 Difference between a Zero Turn And a Lawn Mower

There are key differences between zero turn lawnmowers and regular lawnmowers. Zero-turn lawn mowers are designed to have a much tighter turning radius, which allows them to maneuver around obstacles more easily.

They also typically have larger wheels in the back and smaller ones in the front, which helps increase their stability.

Finally, most zero turn lawn mowers have hydrostatic transmissions, which allow for infinitely variable speed control and smoother operation.

Which is Better, Riding Mower or Zero Turn?

Which is Better, Riding Mower or Zero Turn

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, such as the size and layout of your lawn, the terrain, budget, and personal preferences.

If you have a large or hilly lawn, a zero-turn mower may be a better option, as it will allow you to mow more quickly and with greater precision.

On the other hand, a riding mower may be sufficient if you have a small or flat lawn.

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If you are not much familiar with the zero-turn mower, it is common to have more queries regarding it. Let’s get to see some question-answers based on users’ asking: 

How fast can a zero-turn mower run?

A standard zero-turn lawn mower is able to give you about 8 mph, while the typical riding mower offers only 4 mph. This makes it so fast to help you mow your lawn within no time!

How long does a zero-turn lawn mower last?

Around 1500 to 2000 hours is the duration that you can operate your zero-turn mower at a stretch without significant repairs. It is okay to expect a long-term reliable service with proper care and maintenance. 

Is it worth spending on a zero-turn lawn mower?

If you are able to spend a pretty penny to enjoy the fastest, most efficient, versatile, and customizable mower, a zero-turn mower can be worth your investment! After all, it is considered the best choice for plat and mid-to-large properties.

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