What Size Bush Hog For A 40 Hp Tractor Do You Need?

If you often enjoy landscaping or bush hogging, you must have a bush hog with your tractor. A bush hog, also known as a brush hog, is a kind of rotary mower used to mow bushes. This tool is very effective in helping you clear land for farming or other possible purposes.

However, it can be critical to select the correct size bush hog for your 40-hp tractor. There are certain considerations to be made before choosing the right model. For a tractor with 40 horsepower, a brush hog with 30 to 40 horsepower works best.

So, do you want to know other considerations to understand what size bush hog to buy for a 40 hp tractor? Keep reading the article to choose the right model of your brush hog.

What Size Bush Hog For A 40 HP Tractor?

What Size Bush Hog For A 40 Hp Tractor

If you’re thinking of getting a bush hog right back on your tractor, you have to confirm the right size of the hog. Because there are a few different sizes and models of brush hogs available on the market, all of them won’t be the proper choice for your 40 hp tractor.

In simple terms, the size of a bush hog for your 40 hp tractor will be 30–40 horsepower with a cutting deck of 8 ft.

How To Choose The Right Bush Hog For A 40 Hp Tractor?

As we mentioned earlier, there are multiple factors to consider when buying a bush hog for a 40-horsepower tractor. These factors will help you find the right size of bush hog. However, here are the steps to choosing the right bush hog for a tractor with 40 hp:

1. Horsepower


As a general rule, you should allow for a 10% difference in horsepower ratings between the hog and the tractor. So, in this way, you will purchase a 30–40 hp bush hog for a 40–hp tractor.

2. Deck Width

Deck Width

While considering the deck width, you should also consider the PTO ( Power Take-Off) horsepower. According to this, you should allow 5 hp per foot of the bush hog. Likewise, for your 40-hp tractor, you’ll choose a mower with an 8-foot wide cutting deck.

3. Cutter Size

Cutter Size

Cutter size is very important to consider when buying a bush hog for a 40-hp tractor. When choosing a brush cutter, make sure that the cutter is wider than the tractor tire size.

Whereas, if the bush hog is smaller than the tractor tire size, it may cause trouble while hogging. You may need to run the cutter twice over a single track to cut down the brushes completely.

4. Connectors


There are usually three hitch connectors and a PTO shaft right at the back of the tractor to connect the bush hog. So, if your 40-hp tractor doesn’t have a hydraulic system, you will need to buy a 3-point conversion kit to attach the mower.

The Benefits Of Using A Bush Hog With A 40 Hp Tractor On Your Property

The Benefits Of Using A Bush Hog With A 40 Hp Tractor On Your Property

Bush hogs are usually used to knock down grass or weeds to prepare land for farming and hunting or just to keep the area clear. But there is not only one purpose for using a bush hog, but there are some other advantages too.

The major benefits of using a bush hog with a 40 hp tractor are the following:

  • Bush hogs cut down the bushes from the root.
  • They prevent the weeds from regrowing.
  • Kind to nature
  • Using a brush hog is a useful way to fertilize the soil.
  • Save money and time to prepare the land.
  • Bush hogs are easier to handle than other maintenance tools.
  • They let you cut down taller grasses as well as smaller grasses.
  • Promoting biodiversity around the land
  • Brush hogs are ideal choices for small farmers.

How To Properly Operate A Bush Hog With A 40 Hp Tractor?

How To Properly Operate A Bush Hog With A 40 Hp Tractor

When you aren’t skilled enough, operating a bush hog with a 40 HP tractor can be tricky. There can be certain rules to ensure the safe driving of your bush hog with a tractor of 40 hp. The orders may include:

  • Before starting to drive the tractor, make sure that the blades of the cutter are sharpened enough.
  • When operating the cutter, be cautious that the blade doesn’t hit any rock or stump.
  • You should also make sure that there is no animal on the lawn that can be physically injured or dead.
  • When using a bush hog, keep your own and others’ safety in mind.
  • Keep the children far away from the tractor whenever you’re operating the cutter.
  • If you aren’t accomplished yet at running a bush hog with a 40-horsepower tractor, handle it carefully and drive slowly.
  • Before driving the bush hog, remove the bucket from your tractor.

How To Properly Care For A Bush Hog With A 40 Hp Tractor? 

How To Properly Care For A Bush Hog With A 40 Hp Tractor? 

Proper care and maintenance can increase the lifespan of your bush hog and will let you get better service. But fortunately, brush cutters with a 40-hp tractor don’t need any hard care or maintenance. Here are the ways to take care of your cutter:

  • If the blades are blunt, sharpen them with a hand-held disk glider.
  • Lubricate all the bearings after each use.
  • Don’t use dull blades. Replace them whenever they are beaten or blunt.
  • Check the bush hog in a routine way and make sure that all the bolts are tightened enough.
  • Keep the proper weight of oil in the gearbox.


A bush hog is usually attached to the back of a tractor. It gets attached by the three-point hitch, and the PTO (Power Take-Off) lets the mower run. So, while choosing the right size of bush hog for a 40-hp farm tractor, be careful about the size of the PTO you need.

If the size of the PTO isn’t accurate, it will be a disaster to run the hog. Moreover, it can cause unbearable accidents. So, keep the size of the PTO at 5 hp per 

You should also follow the guidelines we mentioned earlier to keep the machine healthy and ensure safe operation. If you do it this way, bush hogging won’t be a daunting task at all.

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