New Holland 134 Hydraulic Oil Equivalent [All You Must Know]

Hydraulic oils, also known as hydraulic fluids, are applied in various hydraulic systems and components. Any type of industry across the world uses fluid technology. So, there are certain types of hydraulic oils available on the market.

Among them, the New Holland 134 hydraulic oil is probably one of the most used hydraulic fluid int he world. But it has it’s replacements too. The two most common New Holland 134 hydraulic oil equivalents are the HyTran Ultra and MaterTran Ultra hydraulic oil. 

So, what are the other benefits of using NH 134 hydraulic oil? What does it do on a tractor? In the article below,you will find the answers to all of your questions regarding NH 134 hydraulic fluid. So, keep reading till the end of the article. 

What Is Hydraulic Oil And What Does It Do In A Tractor?

What Is Hydraulic Oil And What Does It Do In A Tractor

Hydraulic oil is a kind of fluid that works as a power transmission medium within hydraulic machines and equipment. It is usually a combination of oils and additives. Usually, hydraulic oil consists of 99% oil and 1% additives. 

In general, hydraulic oils help to control the temperature and reduce wear and rust in equipment. So, this kind of oil is used as a lubricant in the active parts of hydraulic machinery. 

1. Use of Hydraulic Oil

Use of Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic oils are used in tractors for various purposes. Among them, the most iconic job done by this oil is that it protects multiple parts of a tractor and increases their longevity.  

Tractor hydraulic oil protects four main parts of the tractor. For those who do not understand what hydraulic oil does in a tractor, here is an explanation of how it protects the parts. 

2. Differential

A differential includes the gears that control and drive the front and rear wheels. Tractor hydraulic oil provides the gear wear protection to properly transmit power to the drive wheels, allowing the wheels to rotate at different speeds.

3. Transmission


The second important part is the transmission. It converts power into tractor speed and direction for the task at hand. Having good lubrication characteristics will provide efficient power transfer to perform the job at hand. 

4. Hydraulic


The third one is hydraulics. It includes your lift bucket, farm implements, and other specialty tools. Hydraulics must maintain excellent fluidity over a wide temperature range. This is important for overall performance and to maintain optimum power with more work done on less fuel and less effort. 

5. Wet Brakes

Wet Brakes

Finally, a tractor has wet brakes. They are surrounded by fluids and must maintain proper friction control in order to work properly, prevent brake chatter and ensure safety. 

Overview Of New Holland 134 Hydraulic Oil

New Holland 134 Hydraulic Oil

New Holland 134 hydraulic oil is the medium by which energy and power are transmitted to the hydraulic systems. It is a lubricant with anti-rust properties. In other words, it is a medium-duty oil with corrosion resistant ability.

The key feature of this oil is that it can perform even in extreme temperatures. It comes with a wide temperature range of -20° C (-5° F) to 50° C (120° F). Besides, the average gravity of NH 134 hydraulic fluid is 28. 

The 134 oil consists of anti-wear additives and friction modifiers which protect the crucial parts of the machines from rust, corrosion, and abrasion. After all, it is multi-purpose transmission oil for the differentials, wet brakes, PTO clutches, and hydraulic systems. 

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Using The New Holland 134 Hydraulic Oil?

Some Of The Benefits Of Using The New Holland 134 Hydraulic Oil

The New Holland 134 hydraulic oil plays a very important role in the performance of hydraulic machines. There are also some other benefits of using NH 134 oil. The basic benefits offered by hydraulic oil are as follows:

  • The most significant role played by NH 134 hydraulic oil is to protect the machines from rust and corrosion. 
  • Increase the system’s performance, workability, efficiency, and reliability.
  • Increase the lifespan of the hydraulic machines.
  • Continuously servicing the machines even under extreme situations or temperatures.
  • Lubricating feature of the oil minimizes the wear and tear of the moving parts of the hydraulic systems. 
  • Using the new Holland 134 hydraulic oil will keep the equipment cool while working.
  • Saving fuel and increasing productivity
  • Reliable performance even in extreme climates.
  • It is less expensive and harmless for the human body
  • It is biodegradable and protects the components from foaming and formation. 

How Long Will The New Holland 134 Hydraulic Oil Last In Your Equipment?

How Long Will The New Holland 134 Hydraulic Oil Last In Your Equipment

It is difficult to define a specific time duration for the lifespan of the New Holland 134 hydraulic oil used in your equipment. The longevity of the oil will depend on the environmental conditions, the type of the machine or vehicle, maintenance, and working and driving conditions. 

In most cases, the NH 134 hydraulic oil will last from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 3-4 years. When you find decreased engine speed, oil pressure but increased noise, it means the hydraulic oil has gone bad. 

Is There Any Potential Problems With Using New Holland 134 Hydraulic Oil?

Is There Any Potential Problems With Using New Holland 134 Hydraulic Oil

Along with some advantages, the NH 134 hydraulic oil has some disadvantages too. It can create some issues for the equipment. The potential problems with using the new Holland 134 hydraulic oil may include:

  • As NH 134 hydraulic oil is petroleum based, there are chances of fire hazards.
  • This oil is slower in operation. It can be a disadvantage when a higher rate of work is expected.
  • Leakage of 134 hydraulic oil causes dirty surroundings, slippery floors, and increased possibilities of accidents.
  • Sometimes it can be harmful to the human body and the environment as well. 
  • It can be corrosive. 


Hydraulic systems are used in almost all industries like agriculture, food, environmental, chemical, medicine, and others. The fluids used in the hydraulic systems are called hydraulic oil or hydraulic fluid. 

New Holland 134 is a hydraulic oil used in various types of vehicles, especially farm tractors. The rust prevention capability of this oil is the main purpose of using it.

But if someone doesn’t follow the proper instructions for using this fluid, it can be a disaster. Leakage of this oil can cause a fire hazard. So, be cautious while using 134 hydraulic oil and change the oil immediately when it expires. 

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