How to Fix Massey Ferguson Front Axle Leaking Problems?


The axle is one of the most important components that keep tractors like Massey Ferguson running. Since it is a very small component, the axle can be prone to several implications. So what exactly causes the front axle of the Massey Ferguson to leak?

The most common reason why your tractor axle can leak might be due to a broken or dry axle seal. Axle seals can break off easily due to abrasion and leak-out oil. To fix the problem, the best scenario would be to reseal the axle after clearing out the oil.

While we have mentioned a cause and solution above, this is not the only case causing Massey Ferguson tractors’ front axles to leak. So are you interested yet? Well, keep reading then!

What Causes Massey Ferguson Front Axle Leaking?

What Causes Massey Ferguson Front Axle Leaking

Achieving a flawless trim for your outdoor space can demand a considerable amount of time. However, if the axle of your mowing tractor starts leaking, it can cause some serious damage. The only way to get out of this punch is to identify what exactly is causing the issue. 

Below we have listed some of the most common reasons why exactly the axle of your tractor might leak.

  • Abrasion or punctures
  • Bad transmission fluids
  • Faulty Axle
  • Weather Conditions

4 Solutions For Massey Ferguson Front Axle Leaking

Now that you are familiar with what problems are the main cause of the issue, we can move on to the main details. In this section, we will be covering solutions to four of the most common problems that cause your axle to leak. 

1. Abrasion Or Puncture- Reseal The Axle

Abrasion Or Puncture- Reseal The Axle

Abrasions and punctures are the most obvious and common causes of leaking axles. This usually happens when your tractor hits something, and the point of contact is usually the axle. 

Even if it is the tip of the axle that is hit, this can cause the seal to turn invalid before long oil starts leaking out, causing this minuscule leakage to turn into something bigger. 

If left for a long time, all of the oil can leak out and even cause dried blockages on your axle. To fix the issue, your best option would be to reseal the axle.  

Resealing the axle shouldn’t cost you much. If you go to a professional mechanic, the highest you might be charged is around 150 USD. If you are going to do it on your own, costs can vary from 10 to 30 USD. 

2. Bad Transmission Fluids- Change The Fluid

Bad Transmission Fluids

Having a decent transmission fluid under use is a very important choice. If you use stale fluids, they can cause various problems. 

For instance, if you are using impure transmission fluids, they can cause your axle to corrode. Eventually, leaks should form, allowing the oil to tap out. 

While this doesn’t really have any negative effects on your engine, this can cause your fuel supply to run out a lot faster.  As such, we advise you to change the oil as soon as possible. 

When changing the oil, make sure that the oil you are buying is compatible and safe for usage with your tractor’s engine. Otherwise, the same problem might persist, or the engine itself might reject the oil. 

The only cost involved here is the cost of oil. Note that the more carbon number, the more fluid you are going to have, and the more expensive it will be. 

3. Faulty Axle- Replace The Axle

Faulty Axle

Sometimes, the fault of why there might be leaks might be caused by the entire axle. Although this is rare, that doesn’t mean that it is unheard of.  Axles are always exposed to the outside. As such, they are heavily prone to damages that can be caused by a lot of factors. 

To patch up issues related to your axle, you should run regular maintenance at a certain interval. This involves screwing the axle properly and taping spots up when needed.

If none of the above maintenance points work, your only option might be to replace the entire axle. 

If you are going to replace parts of the axle, the maximum that you might need to spend is around 100 USD. For the entire axle shaft, you can expect around 800 to 900 USD.

4. Weather Conditions – Reseal Or Use Tapes

Reseal Or Use Tapes

Problems caused by bad weather conditions and outdoor temperatures can typically include your seal drying up or even cracking due to the pressure. While these cracks might not be many problems at first, if they further happen, the result can be catastrophic. 

While not all of these issues can be solved on your own,  If your seal has dried up, you might need to reseal it back. In addition, you can also choose to plaster the axle using tapes. 

While taping the axle seals, ensure that the axle has enough space and its movement paths are not restricted. 

No matter whether you choose to reseal or use tape, the cost should be similar, around 10 to 30 USD. In addition, if you are going to hire professionals expect a labor cost of around 80 to 100 USD.

FAQs About Massey Ferguson Front Axle Leaking

Now that we are at the end of this article, there might be several questions that are in your head. In this section, we will try our best to give answers to some of these questions to the best of our abilities. 

Is It Safe To Drive The Tractor With The Front Axle Leaking?

Technically speaking, it is fine to drive the tractor if only a few droplets are all that are leaking. If you allow the leaks to continue, you might find your ride becoming overbearingly uncomfortable. Besides, driving the tractor with the problem persisting can allow the oil to run quickly. 

Can You Restore Your Axle Back Without Replacing It?

Yes, you can restore your axle. However, this is only up to a certain point, and we wouldn’t advise you to do this. This is because even if you do end up restoring the axle, it will never act the way it originally would. 


Ground leveling and mowing depend heavily on tractors, with Massey Ferguson being one of the pioneers in the industry. However, since they are heavy-use commercial-grade tractors, small components like the axle can act up. 

Well, if you have read through this guide, hopefully, we have been helpful to you in the case where your tractor’s axle shows a problem. While you can patch up the problems independently, we understand that it is not everyone’s cup of coffee.

In that case, you are more than welcome to hire a professional to help you out with the fix. After all, it is the professional mechanics who know how to get things around fixed in the most efficient manner.

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