What Is the Correct Lawn Mower Blade Position? (2 & 3 Blade)

Are you constantly failing to mow your land efficiently with your lawn mower? Perhaps you are not familiar with the proper positioning of the blade! 

Thus, you may wonder, what is the correct lawn mower blade position? On a 2 blade mower deck, 90-degree is considered suitable. And for the 3 blade mower deck, it is friendly with staggered positioning. 

Alongside the detailed discussion on the two blades’ position, we have shared a step-by-step process on mower blade installation. This way, nobody can stop you from mowing your lawn precisely! So let’s move on.

Lawn Mower Blade Position

Which Way Do Mower Blades Go On
Which Way Do Mower Blades Go On

Appropriate positioning of the blade is a must for mowing, and there is no rocket science! In fact, how efficiently you will be able to go through your task highly depends on the blade position. 

But the fact is, the positioning of the blade will not be similar in every case, as mower decks consist of either 2 or 3 blades. So let us break down the ideal position of these two mower decks to help you mow your lawn correctly: 

1. Blade Position on 2 Blade Mower Deck

Blade Position on 2 Blade Mower Deck

The 2 blade mower deck is the most common one in the lawnmower industry. Indeed, professionals prefer positioning this blade at an angle of 90 degrees for an optimal outcome. 

That being said, positioning the blade perpendicular to each other is crucial, especially if you are a user of a timed deck. 

2. Blade Position on 3 Blade Mower Deck 

Blade Position on 3 Blade Mower Deck 

Speaking of the orientation, the 3 blade mower deck does not require to be parallel, timed, or perpendicular. And they are not prone to touch or overlap each other for being equipped with staggered positioning. 

The middle blade is usually pushed toward the front, and the other two blades are slid toward the inside.

This will confirm that you will not end up with any uncut grass strands.

Despite proper positioning, chances are this mower deck can produce uneven cuts, probably because of the large deck size

How to Install Mower Blades Correctly?

How to Install Mower Blades Correctly

Before you get into installing your mower blades, it is necessary to take a look at the owner’s manual at least once. In this way, you will be able to get familiar with the basic procedures and safety precautions

And whether you are going to install a new blade or replace the blade with a new one, the whole process is going to be the same. So do follow the given steps:

Step-1: Break the Connection from the Power 

Break the Connection from the Power 

At first, you need to confirm that the engine of the mower is totally free from getting power. In that case, take off the battery if you are a user of a battery-powered mower.

Similarly, eliminate the cable of the spark plug for your gas-powered lawn mower. For this type of mower, the oil must not saturate the filter. For that, keep the filter facing in an upward direction. 

Step-2: Get the Blade Bolt Loosen 

Get the Blade Bolt Loosen 

Before you want to loosen the blade bolt, securing the existing blade is crucial by setting a piece of wood. We’d prefer to collect a 2×4” block that works better. 

Then, put on a pair of gloves to start loosening the bolt by moving it anticlockwise. A standard wrench will be okay to get the work done. 

Step-3: Examine the Old Blade 

Examine the Old Blade 

Once you have removed the old mower blade, it is better to examine it from head to toe. For instance, there might be cracks, damages, or dents around the blade, which can be a major obstacle in the future. In these cases, replacement is the only way to go. 

On the other hand, if the blade appears nothing but blunt, store it in a safe place so that you can sharpen it for the next use. 

Step-4: Install the Blade 

Install the Blade 

While installing a new mower blade, ensure that the blade’s cutting edge is facing toward the rotation. Before you tighten the blade completely, do observe the blade’s balance. 

Or else, if it is unbalanced, you will face extensive vibrations while mowing, resulting in damaging the motor and mower deck!

Next, get into tightening the bolt with a combination wrench. However, some prefer taking assistance from a torque wrench to avoid both under-tightening and overtightening. Once you have done it, start the engine to check how the blade is spinning. 

Which Way Do Mulching Blades Go on a Riding Mower?

Most riding mowers have mulching blades mounted on the underside of the deck, facing downwards. There are usually two blades, although some models may only have one. The blades are positioned so that they cut the grass as it passes underneath the deck.

Mulching blades are designed for chopping grass clippings into small pieces so that bacteria and other organisms in the soil can easily decompose them.

This process is known as  ‘mulching’ helps fertilize your lawn naturally while saving you time and effort to dispose of the grass clippings yourself.

When changing or sharpening your riding mower’s blades, it’s important to ensure that they’re installed correctly.

If they’re not, the mower won’t cut properly, and you may end up with an uneven lawn.

Most manufacturers will provide clear instructions on changing or sharpening the blades and which way round they should go.

However, it’s always best to check with a professional before proceeding if you need clarification.


Is your curious mind still not convinced? Well, go through the following queries listed below, where we have answered some randomly asked questions regarding lawn mower blade direction –

What side of the mower blade goes up? 

What side of the mower blade goes up 

The raised edges of the blade should go up with the mower. It basically faces towards the deck of the mower that consists of blunt and dull cutting edges, while the opposite side is relatively sharper. 

Which direction does a lawn mower blade spin?

Which direction does a lawn mower blade spin

Generally, almost every lawn mower blade is prone to spin in a counterclockwise direction. By observing the discharge chute’s position, you are likely to get an idea of the rotation, especially if you do not know how the mower blade spins.  

Which side of the mower blade faces down?

Once you have recognized the dull and sharp sides of the blade, rest assured that the sharp side of the mower blade should face downward. It usually faces the grass and is liable to cut them off successfully.  

What Happens If You Put Lawn Mower Blades on Upside down

If you put lawn mower blades on upside down, the mower will not be able to cut grass properly. The blades will hit the ground and create a lot of friction, which can damage the lawn mower. In some cases, the blades may even break off.

Which Side of Mower Blade Faces Down?

If you’re wondering which side of the mower blade faces down, the answer is the dull side. The sharp side of the blade should always face up to ensure a clean cut.

Which Way Do Riding Mower Blades Go on?

If you’ve ever wondered which way riding mower blades go on, you’re not alone. It’s a common question. The answer is quite simple.

Riding mower blades go on with the cutting edge facing down. This is so that when you mow, the blade will cut the grass instead of pushing it forward.

Husqvarna Mower Blade Position

Husqvarna mowers are equipped with a deck that has three blade positions. The first position is the lowest and is used for cutting grass.

The second position is the middle position and is used for cutting weeds. The third position is the highest and is used for trimming hedges.

Blade Position on 2 Blade Mower

Suppose you’re wondering where to place the blade on a 2-blade mower; it’s quite simple.

The first blade should be placed in the center of the deck, with the second blade mounted behind it.

This will ensure that both blades are cutting evenly and that your lawn looks its best.

Which Way Do Mower Blades Go On?

If you’re a lawn care professional, you know that correctly installing your mower blades is crucial for achieving a well-manicured lawn. But if you’re new to the game, you might wonder which way the blades go on. Here’s a quick guide:

Most mower blades are designed to rotate clockwise when viewed from above. So, when installing your blades, ensure they are facing in this direction. There are a few exceptions to this rule.

Some older model mowers and some commercial grade mowers have blades that rotate counterclockwise. However, these models are becoming increasingly rare, so it’s unlikely that you’ll encounter one. Another thing to remember is that the blade installation process will differ depending on whether your mower is a push mower or a riding mower.

Make sure to consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions on installing the blades on your particular model of mower. Installing your mower blades correctly is essential for ensuring a beautiful lawn. With this quick guide, you’ll be able to do it like a pro!


If you’re trying to figure out which way the lawn mower blade goes, it’s pretty simple. The blade should always be facing the same direction as the wheels.

So, if the wheels are pointing forward, the blade should be too. If the wheels are pointing backward, then so should the blade.

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