How to Convert Corded Mower to Cordless Battery Powered?

Corded lawn mowers are a convenient way to mow your lawn, but they can be limiting. Besides, the cord can get in the way and be a safety hazard. So you might want to consider converting it to a cordless version.

One of the many ways involves using a 1500w – 2000w DC to AC power Inverter or replacing the AC motor with a DC motor. Converting using an inverter is an easier and more reliable way. But this process requires some basic knowledge.

No worries, we will talk about detailed letters in this blog. So continue reading to learn more. 

Benefits Of Converting Corded Lawn Mowers to Cordless Battery Powered

Benefits Of Converting Corded Lawn Mowers to Cordless Battery Powered

For a long time, corded lawn mowers have been a popular choice because of their reliability and power. But recently, technology has become more advanced, and consumers are looking for more convenient options. 

As a result, cordless lawn mowers are becoming more popular. Basically, they are not only convenient but also easy to use.

Here are some more/additional benefits of cordless lawn mowers:

Freedom of movement without risk

Freedom of movement without risk

This is the most significant advantage of converting from corded to cordless. Typically, corded lawn mower working areas are limited.

But with a cordless mower, you can move freely and efficiently across your entire yard without having to worry about tripping over a power cord.

Quiet and environment friendly

Quiet and environment friendly

Cordless lawn mowers are much quieter than gas-powered or AC powered lawn mowers. This is a major advantage if your neighbors are sensitive to noise.

Also as cordless mowers are powered by lithium-ion batteries they do not emit fumes or pollutants.

Low maintenance and cost-effectiveness

Low maintenance and cost-effectiveness

Cordless lawn mowers have fewer moving parts than gas-powered mowers. This means you won’t have to worry about changing oil, cleaning spark plugs, or adjusting carburetors. In the long run, this will save you money.



Basically cordless mowers are much lighter than gas-powered lawn mowers. As a result they are easy to maneuver making them a good choice for people who have difficulty pushing or pulling a traditional lawn mower. 

Besides, they are a great option for people with disabilities or physical limitations.

No tripping hazards

No tripping hazards

As cordless lawn mowers don’t have power cords, so there aren’t any tripping hazards.

This provides a safer mowing experience for you and anyone else who may be around the lawn (especially if you have children or pets) while mowing.

How to Convert a Corded Lawn Mower to Cordless or Battery Powered?

Generally there are a few different methods you can use to convert it. But the most common involve either using an inverter with a battery pack or installing a new battery-powered motor.

So checkout these below mentioned step by step guidelines to know how to do it properly.

Converting technique #1: Using an inverter

Using an inverter

Using an inverter converting a corded lawn mower to cordless is an effective and practical solution. In fact it’s a relatively easy project which can save you money on a new cordless mower. Here you will need some components: They are:

  • A corded lawn mower
  • A 12-volt Pure Sine Wave Inverter (1500 to 2000 watts)
  • A high-quality deep-cycle battery and charger
  • Wire and connectors
  • Tools (screwdrivers, wrench, wire strippers, crimpers, and pliers.)

Now follow this simple step by step procedure to do it:

Step 1: Initial precautions

First, unplug the lawn mower from the AC socket.

Step 2: Place/setup the battery

Now choose a suitable spot on your lawn mower and mount the battery box securely. And ensure it doesn’t obstruct any safety features or interfere with the mower’s operation.

Step 3: Install the Inverter

Next, attach the inverter to your mower and make sure it’s stable and well-protected from rain/water, moisture, and debris. (some folks place it inside the battery box, but it’s not wise because while the inverter is operating, it becomes hot, which can damage the battery.)

Step 4: Connect the wirings

Now tightly connect the battery’s positive and negative terminals to the inverter’s positive and negative inputs.

Here you have to use an appropriate wire (12-gauge wire), which can bear loads up to 20 amps. Next, connect the mower’s power cord to the inverter’s output point.

Step 5: Check and do a test run

Finally, check carefully, tighten all connections with zip ties or tape, and ensure any wires aren’t exposed to water. Now conduct a test run in a safe and open area to make sure that it is working properly.

Battery Pack for Corded Lawn Mower

Battery Pack for Corded Lawn Mower

There are several battery packs available in the market but choosing one for lawn motors is quite difficult.

So to help you with this, we have recommended 5 batteries from lowest to highest price. You can select any one of these to get maximum output.

Zipp Battery 12V 35Ah $61.93
VMAX V35-857 12V 35AH AGM $114.93
Mighty Max AGM 100Ah$179.99 
LiTime 12V 100Ah MINI LiFePO4$309.99
Power Queen 12V 100Ah Mini LiFePO4$329.99

Converting technique #2: Using a DC motor and battery

Using A DC Motor And Battery

Apart from an Inverter, you can also convert your corded lawn mower into cordless by using a DC motor and battery. To do this you will need:

  • Powerful DC motor and Battery (you can use EGO lawn mower and Battery)
  • Battery charger 
  • Switch (DC)
  • Wire, connectors and some tools.

After collecting all of these, follow these steps:

Step 1: Disassemble and remove corded components

At first, disassemble your corded lawn machine and take out its motor, cord, and any associated wiring.

Step 2: Setup the motor and battery

Then, securely install/setup the motor where the previous motor was and attach/place the battery pack with a mower frame. Here ensure it’s well-balanced and securely attached.

Note: you have to make some adjustments to the chassis to fit the motor properly.

Step 3: Connect the wirings and attach the blade and switch

Now tightly and securely attach the mower blade with the motor shaft. After that, directly connect the battery’s negative wire with the motor’s negative terminal. And connect the battery’s positive wire with the motor’s positive terminal through a switch.

Step 4: Check everything and conduct a test run

Finally conduct a safety check to ensure all connections are secure and do a test run to ensure everything is working fine.

**Note: Here you can also convert it by connecting several batteries in Series and making it 120v DC to operate the mower motor. But it’s quite a complex method and requires an expert’s help. So we recommend you not to do this. 

Disadvantages Of Converting Corded Lawn Mower to Cordless

Disadvantages Of Converting Corded Lawn Mower to Cordless

Though a cordless battery powered lawn mower has several advantages, it also has some disadvantages which you should be aware of. Taking into account these drawbacks, you can decide whether corded or cordless is better for you.

  • They don’t provide as much power as a corded electric mower
  • Limited/short operating time
  • They are quite more expensive than corded versions
  • You’ll get uneven lawn cutting as the battery charges go down.
  • Increased maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Throughout the whole article we tried our best to cover every possible way to convert a corded mower into a cordless one. But you might still have some unanswered questions in your mind. To get those answers, check out this FAQ section.

How Much Money Does It Require To Complete This Process?

Basically if you do it using an inverter, you will have to spend about $250 – $300 for the inverter, $200 – $250 for battery and $50 for other stuff. But using a cordless drill you can do it for under $200.

Can I Do This Conversion Process Myself ?

Though this process is relatively simple, it requires some basic electrical knowledge. So if you are comfortable working with it you can do the conversion yourself. But if you aren’t then it’s best to hire an expert.

If I Use A New Battery Here How Many Years Will That Battery Last?

Basically this depends on several factors. like: type of battery, the way it is used, and the climate. But in general the lifetime of a lead-acid battery is typically 2 to 5 years and Lithium-ion batteries are 8 to 10 years.

Cordless Vs Corded Lawn Mower: Which One Is Cheap To Run/operate?

In reality cordless mowers are cheaper to run/operate in the long term. Because they do not require much electricity to charge the battery. Besides, you can use Solar to charge your battery. This will reduce your electricity cost.

Can you use a battery-powered lawn mower on wet grass?

Manufacturers stated clearly that users should not use battery-powered lawn mowers on wet grass or in the rain. It is very dangerous for both the users and the machine.

What types of batteries used for the cordless mower?

The batteries used for cordless lawn mowers are lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.

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