Electric lawn mower run over cord

Lawn mowers are powered by electricity, battery, or gas.  Many people prefer electric-powered lawn mowers because of the various benefits it offers. Some of these benefits include: lesser maintenance is required, quieter than other mowers, better for the environment, and more.

Electric lawn mowers have several unique features and offer several benefits, but you also need to know that even the best products have some minor disadvantages. One of the common problems you may face when using an electric mower is the electric lawn mower run over cord.

If your electric lawn mower runs over the cord, it may result in electric shock or a broken mower. This article will explain some of the common issues you may face when using a corded electric lawnmower.

What Problem Do You Have When Using a Corded Electric Lawn Mower?

Electric lawnmower offers many benefits that other mowers do not provide, but they also have minor issues.  You may encounter some problems when using a corded electric lawn mower, and I would love for you to be aware of these problems so you can prevent them or solve them when they occur.

Electric Lawn Mower Run Over Cord

One of the most common problems of a corded electric lawn mower is cutting or tangling the cord. When working with this type of lawnmower, you need to be very careful note to run over the cord and cut it.

Also, it would help if you were very careful when using a corded lawn mower so that the cord does not intertwine with your feet or with the mower. Cords intertwining with your feet or the mower may pull out the plug from the socket and cause sudden shutdowns that can damage the mower.

The Distance Covered

Another limitation of a corded electric lawn mower is that the cord may be too short to cover the distance you want to cover. Corded electric lawn mowers are best for smaller lawns, not bigger farmlands.

Though you can also use it for mowing bigger lawns, you will have issues dealing with longer cords. Also, it is advisable to use shorter cords because longer cord emits less power.

Difficulty Finding Socket Outlets

It may not cover a bigger lawn if you have a short cord. Though you can use it to mow a big lawn, you will have to place a socket in every corner of the lawn that you want to mow. Installing a socket outlet at every corner of your lawn will require more time and effort. In addition, you might also have some issues when mowing longer grass with a corded electric lawn mower.

Not Designed for Wet Surfaces

Unlike other lawn mowers, you need to know that electric lawn mowers will not work 100% efficiently on wet surfaces. The performance of an electric lawn mower may decrease when using it to mow water grass. You may also encounter mechanical issues like hovering and flotation when using electric mowers on wet surfaces.

What happens if you run over the cord with an electric mower?

One of the common problems you may encounter when using a corded electric mower is running over the cord. There are chances that you can mistakenly run over the cord and cut it when mowing. What happens when you accidentally run over the cord and cut it?

When you cut the electric cords while mowing, you expose live wires, which may lead to electric shock if it falls on wet ground or comes in contact with other outdoor water like sprinklers systems and pools.

Why does my electric lawn mower keep stopping?

When using a corded electric lawn mower, you may notice that the machine may keep stopping or stop working. There are several reasons why your electric mower may keep stopping or completely stop working, and I would explain some of the things that may cause these issues below:

  • Like we said earlier that cords might intertwine with your feet or the mower when using it. When the cords intertwine with your feet or the mower, it may pull the plug out from the socket, and this may cause your mower to keep stopping.
  • A damaged power cable is another common reason your electric mower may stop working while in use. Pushing, flexing, and pulling the cable when using the mower are the major causes of internal cable damage. You cannot see this damage from the outside except you test it with a multimeter.
  • Also, your electric mower will stop working when you mistakenly cut the cable. This can occur when you fall while mowing wet surfaces.

If your power cord is damaged or you mistakenly cut it when mowing, you can easily replace it yourself. You can purchase a new power cable from an online hardware store or a local hardware shop closer to you.

Is running over your extension cable with an electric lawn mower dangerous?

Yes, it is dangerous. When you run an overextension cable with a lawnmower, you can cut the cord, and this will expose live wires. If the live wires fall on a wet surface, it can lead to electric shock, complete a circuit, blow a fuse, or start a fire.

What kind of extension cord is for an electric lawn mower?

Before heading out to your local store to get an extension cord for your electric lawn mower, you need to know the electric cord that will work best with your lawnmower. Amp ratings are a key factor in determining the best extension cord for your mower. You can find your mower’s amp rating on a sticker/plate on the mower or in the owner’s manual.

Generally, electric mowers draw about 6-12 amps. It would help if you also considered the distance when choosing an extension cord because the longer the distance, the less power it emits. I would recommend using a retractable cord for your mower.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does an electric lawn mower need oil?

Yes. An electric lawn mower needs an oil, but it does not consume oil like gas-powered ones.

Which cord is best for my electric mower?

I recommend using a retractable cord for your mower because it is safer than loose power cords.

Is it advisable to use on wet surfaces?

Electric lawn mowers are not designed for mowing wet grasses. Though you may use them to mow wet grass, there is a risk of electric shock.

What are the advantages of an electric lawn mower?

Some of the advantages of an electric mower are lesser maintenance is required, quieter than other mowers, and environmentally friendly.


Corded electric mowers have various advantages, but you may also encounter some minor problems when using them. Electric lawn mower run over cord is one of the minor issues you will encounter when using a corded electric lawnmower.

Your electric lawn mower may run over cord when you’re in a rush. You can also fall when cutting wet grasses, and your electric mower may run over cord. You must be very careful when operating the mower and avoid mowing on wet surfaces to prevent this issue.

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