How to Fix LS Tractor Won’t Start Problems?


Are you experiencing your LS tractor won’t start? Unfortunately, this is one of the frequent issues that the LS tractors’ owners face. But don’t worry! You can solve the problem efficiently and on your own. 

Your LS tractor may not start because of a loose or dead battery. Furthermore, faulty safety switches, a clogged fuel filter, an empty fuel tank, etc., are common causes. So, to get the LS tractor to start again, you need to check the causes and solve them. 

Nevertheless, this blog deeply covers the issues behind LS tractors’ inability to start. Not only that, but you will also come to know the accurate solutions to the problems. 

Why Won’t LS Tractor Start?

Why Won't LS Tractor Start

The tractor manufacturing brand LS has produced different tractors over the years. Among them, the M series tractor is the most popular. This is because they come with higher load lifter capacity and impressive horsepower.

But, no matter what series of LS tractors we discuss, there are always some issues. So, knowing the causes of a problem is the first troubleshooting step we can take. 

  • Loose, corroded, damaged battery. 
  • Faulty safety switches. 
  • Clogged fuel filter.
  • Empty fuel tank.
  • Air in the fuel lines.

5 Solutions For LS Tractor Won’t Start

Once you know what causes the issue behind your LS tractor not starting, you will find a lot of ease while performing the troubleshooting steps. In this part of this article, we will show your solutions to the individual causes one by one.

1. Loose, Corroded, Damaged Battery: Check and Replace

Loose, Corroded, Damaged Battery

You first need to check the battery because a loose, corroded, or dead battery can more likely cause the issue of tractor starting failure. How can you expect your tractor to run smoothly if the engine can’t get proper electrical power from the battery? 

In most cases, you may hear a slight clicking sound if there is any issue with the battery of your LS tractor.

However, when it comes to the solution, you need to check the cables’ connection to the battery. If you find the battery cable is in loose condition, you need to fix that. 

Additional dirt and dust on and around the battery can be an issue. So, remove the dirt and dust. Nonetheless, if this doesn’t work, you should replace the battery as there is more likely an issue with a dead battery.

You don’t need to spend money on tightening the battery connection and removing dust from it. But, to replace the battery, you may need to pay around $150-$300.

2. Faulty Safety Switches: Replace

Faulty Safety Switches

This is one of the most common reasons your LS tractor may have difficulty starting. Like most other tractors, the LS tractors have four safety switches. Unfortunately, any of the safety switches can cause problems. 

You will find one safety switch underneath the driving seat of your tractor. Furthermore, you can find the other switches under the tractor. These switches can become faulty, or the wires of the safety switches become loose.

However, if you notice the loose connection of the safety switches, make sure you tighten the wires.  Furthermore, check whether the PTO switch (one of the safety switches) is in the “off” position. If it is not in the ‘off’ position, make sure you put it in the ‘off’ position. 

Furthermore, if the wires of the safety switch are broken, you should replace the entire safety switch.

To replace the safety switch, you may need to pay around $15-$30. 

3. Clogged Fuel Filter: Clean or Replace

Clogged Fuel Filter: Clean or Replace

The fuel filter of your tractor must function adequately so the tractor can run properly. But unfortunately, the fuel filter in your tractor can become clogged sometimes. 

However, if this happens, the fuel filter doesn’t allow the fuel to travel smoothly to the engine, and you can’t start your tractor.

So, what can you do in this circumstance? First, as the fuel filter becomes clogged because of additional debris and vents, you should clean the fuel filter. Furthermore, don’t forget to check the fuel lines for any clogs.

Moreover, if removing the debris doesn’t work and you notice damage to the fuel filter, don’t think twice about replacing it. It may cost around $50-$180 to replace the fuel filter, including labor costs.  

4. Empty Fuel Tank: Add fuel

Empty Fuel Tank

You can never expect to turn on your tractor without enough fuel in the fuel tank. Sometimes, you may try to start your tractor without knowing whether there is fuel in the fuel tank. 

However, if the engine of your LS tractor suddenly stops while you’re driving it, there might be an issue with the empty fuel tank.

Solution? Well, you need to ensure there’s always enough fuel in the fuel tank. Don’t forget to notice your tractor screen to keep yourself up to date with fuel status.

Furthermore, make sure you manually prime the engine with fuel once the fuel runs out so the engine can run again.

5. Air in the Fuel Lines: Bleed Air in the fuel lines

Bleed Air in the fuel lines

Too much air in the fuel filter can be a prominent cause of why the LS tractor won’t start. However, the air in the fuel line in the fuel filter prevents the fuel flow from getting to the engine.

The simplest solution to this problem is to bleed the air in the fuel lines so they can function well.

FAQs About LS Tractor Not Starting Issue

Now, we will share some answers to Ls tractor owners’ most frequently asked questions. You may find the section helpful as you are going to learn some key information related to LS tractors.

What Does LS Mean on Tractors?

The LS is the short form of the term ‘Larger Solutions.’ However, Larger Solutions is a tractor manufacturing company that has been manufacturing tractors for nearly 30 years. Furthermore, LS is part of the renowned LG company.

What Engine Does an LS Tractor Have?

The LS tractor comes with different types of engines. But, among them, the LS 3-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine is the most common. However, you can get the engine on any M-series LS tractor.

What Is the Biggest LS Tractor Made?

Currently, the biggest LS tractor is the XP8100 series. In addition, this is one of the most demanding tractors. It comes with a 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, which makes the tractor stronger. Furthermore, it comes with 84 horsepower.


We believe that if you have read this article carefully, you may not have any confusion about the solution to the LS tractor won’t start issue. However, first, you should always inspect the causes of the problem. 

Once you know the probable causes, it is always better to start fixing causes from the fundamental ones, like fixing the battery issue.

Besides, don’t let the issues stay unfixed for a long time. Furthermore, ensuring the proper maintenance of your tractor will help you avoid unexpected issues. Finally, if you think you can’t solve the problem alone, never mind hiring a professional in this case.

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