How to Fix New Holland Tractor Won’t Start Problems?


Using a New Holland tractor comes with a lot of benefits, such as good fuel economy, easy service, 100% biodiesel, etc. As beneficial as they are, you also encounter problems such as the vehicle refusing to start when you turn on the ignition switch. 

There are numerous reasons why the New Holland tractor isn’t starting, including a dirty fuel filter, an empty fuel tank, or a dead battery. You might have problems with your ignition as well or a defective engine coil. 

In this article, we go through some of the most common causes of the New Holland tractor not starting issue and what you can do about them.

Why Your New Holland Tractor Refuses To Start?  

How to Fix New Holland Tractor Won’t Start Problems?

If your New Holland tractor is not starting, usually it means that there is something wrong going on with the fuel and transmission system. Either your fuel filter is clogged or you just simply ran out of gas. 

Some of the common factors behind this problem are: 

  • Dirty Fuel Filter
  • Empty fuel tank 
  • Excess heat 
  • Dead battery 
  • The ignition key getting stuck 
  • Broken ignition switch causing it to crank but shut off immediately
  • Defective engine coil preventing it from restarting 

7 Solutions For New Holland Tractor Won’t Start

We have identified some of the common causes behind New Holland not starting. Here we go through each of these problems and how we can take care of them. 

Clogged-up fuel filter: Unclog the filter using a pressurized carburetor cleaner

Unclog the filter using a pressurized carburetor cleaner

When the fuel filter gets dirty, it clogs up and prevents the engine from receiving the required fuel. This results in the tractor jamming and being unable to start. 

Always ensure that the fuel filter is clean. 

  1. The first thing to do is to remove the cap from the filter. 
  2. Now disconnect the terminals. Start with the negative first and then do the positive next. 
  3. Locate the fuel filter according to the manual. Put a bucket under the filter to catch any escaping gas or fuel once you detach the fuel lines. 
  4. Next, detach the clips fastening the fuel line before removing the fuel lines altogether. 
  5. Use a pressurized carburettor cleaner then to clean the inside of the fuel filter.
  6.  Make sure to tap out any piece of loosened debris. Reatttach the filter once again. 

The only cost is with the carburettor cleaner. You can get that easily for $2-3.

Empty Fuel Tank: Fill Fuel Tank 

Fill Fuel Tank 

Another common cause for New Holland not starting is an empty fuel tank. If the engine is not starting, the first place to check is the fuel tank. Make sure there is enough fuel there to run your vehicle. 

  1. To fill the tank with fuel, you must make sure to prime and pressurize the tank first. Excess air stuck inside the fuel lines will need to be released. A fuel primer pump is needed for this. 
  2. You need to locate two things. The first is the fuel primer pump, and the second is the bleed screw. 
  3. Unlatch the bleed screw. This will help any air trapped inside the fuel lines to escape. 
  4. The fuel primer needs to have pump inhibitors for 5-12 minutes to ensure air from the tank escapes. 
  5. To proceed to the process of getting the fuel pump replaced, the bleed screw must be kept tight now. 
  6. Restart the engine. If it doesn’t work, start the whole process again from step 1. 

If the fuel pump is replaced, then it will cost between $200 to $1100. 

Overheating: Fill System With refrigerant And Clean The Radiator Fins

Fill System With refrigerant And Clean The Radiator Fins

The New Holland tractor also may refuse to start due to overheating. This is mostly due to a lack of refrigerant in the system. The presence of dust and dirt accumulating inside the radiator fins can also result in overheating. 

Another factor that may cause overheating is if the thermometer starts to malfunction. 

  1. To fix the lack of refrigerant issue, simply take off the radiator cap and proceed to fill the radiator with refrigerant gas.
  2. If the radiator fins get dirty and clog up the radiator, you can consider an air compressor to clean up the inside of the radiator fins. 
  3. Keep the thermometer regularly checked in case it malfunctions. You can check this by simply putting the thermometer in boiling water. 

The price of refrigerant ranges from $2 to $10. In the case of an air compressor, you need to spend between $50 to $150. 

Dead Battery: Clean The Posts/Get A New Battery

Dead Battery

Another cause for your New Holland tractor not starting might be the presence of a dead battery. If you hear a slight clicking sound whenever you try to start the tractor, that implies a dead battery. Another symptom of a dead battery is a bloating or swelling battery case. 

To restart the function of the battery, you need to clean the posts 

  1. Start by removing the negative attachments first.  
  2. Proceed by removing the positive attachments. 
  3. Make a solution of water and baking soda and use that to clean the posts. 
  4. Before reattaching the terminals, you must make sure to dry them off first. 
  5. If none of the steps works, then your battery is dead and you need to get a replacement. 

If the battery is completely dead, you need to get a replacement which will roughly cost between $140-$200. 

Issues With Key’s Removal Or Turn: Use Lubricant  

Issues With Key’s Removal Or Turn

If the key shows issues with removal or turn, it is a sign of a stuck ignition switch. It shows that the ignition switch has been worn out. It often happens if the tractor is used very aggressively which results in the accumulation of moisture leading to a stuck ignition switch. 

It is also possible that a key for a different tractor is used, resulting in the situation. To get the ignition switch unstuck, you need to use lubricant inside the keyhole. 

Pour some lubricant inside the keyhole and see if there are any excessive sprays or leaks that are coming out. Remove them immediately Any dirt or dust clogging up the keyhole will also be flushed out. 

Now you may find the key works. If the keyhole gets damp, use heat to reduce the dampness. All you need for this issue is a little l Lubricant which costs$1-2 per liter. 

Engine Cranks Briefly Then Shuts Off: Replace Ignition Switch 

Replace Ignition Switch 

This might be the symptom of a broken ignition switch. The ignition switch regulates how your tractor turns on and off. A dead switch will not give you the intended function. This may happen if you work too much on a bumpy surface. 

Make sure to keep a close eye on the ignition switch whenever working on a curved surface. Regular inspection will prevent any unnecessary problems. 

If there is a disconnected ignition switch that results in an engine cut down, make sure to restart the switch after waiting a little while. 

If it doesn’t work, then consult a professional and get the ignition switch replaced.  A New Holland ignition switch will cost between $2 to $5. 

Engine Won’t Restart: Replace Control Module Or Ignition Switch

Replace Control Module Or Ignition Switch

Whenever the engine is refusing to restart, it signifies a defective ignition coil. This is often the result of a faulty coil, poor connections with the ignition coil as well as a malfunctioning control module. 

Vibration and heat may also result in this problem and worn-out wires and spark plugs. 

To resolve this issue, do the following. 

  1. Check the wires of the ignition coil. 
  2. If there is nothing wrong with the wires, then the control module must malfunction. 
  3. Make sure to wait until the engine is cold to have the module replaced. 

The price of a new control module is around $60-100. In the case of an ignition coil, you will need to spend around $25-30.

FAQs About New Holland Tractor Not Starting Issue

We have discussed here some of the most pressing causes regarding the New Holland tractor not starting. We have compiled here the most frequently asked questions regarding the New Holland tractor starting issues. We have provided he

What Would Prevent New Holland Tractor From Starting? 

Check different components- fuel filter, fuel level, shutoff valve etc. Make sure the fuel filter is clean. Check that you have enough fuel. You might also have problems with the ignition switch or the battery. 

Why Does It Crank But Not Start? 

Most likely the ignition switch is broken. It may be due to working on a bumpy surface. If the ignition switch is broken, you need to get it replaced by an expert. 

How Do I Know The Fuel Pump Is Bad? 

A fuel tank makes a loud, whining noise when it has gone bad. Other symptoms include difficult starts, spluttering engine, power loss, fuel efficiency etc. 

Why Is My Engine Not Turning Over? 

Usually, it’s a dying or dead battery. Loose or corroded connections, bad alternator or starter problems. You might be dealing with a battery or alternator problem. 

Will The Engine Start Without Glow Plugs? 

The glow plug is an aid for starting the engine. It has become mainstream and common in tractor engines nowadays. But there are also many engine designs today that come without glow plugs. If your glow plug fails, your New Holland tractor will still function. 


That should do it. We have gone through some of the common causes behind the New Holland tractor not starting. As daunting as it may be, it’s quite a common thing. You are not alone in this. 

But since there are numerous reasons why the tractor does not want to start, you should be well aware of all the causes and how these problems come about. If the problem is too daunting for you, then simply consult a professional. 

We hope the article we have written here would be helpful and make you better informed about this issue. 

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