5 Most Common Problems with Bobcat T300 and Their Fixes


If you are looking for a compact track loader, then the Bobcat T300 can be an exciting and wise choice for your work. It is way ahead of its closest, most powerful competitor. It has an operating capacity of 3000 lbs and a static load of almost 8600 lbs.

However, users complain about Bobcat T300 problems quite often. Among them the final drive motor bearing damage after 800 operating hours is one major issue. Another common problem users face frequently is the uneven control of the joystick.

Fixing can be very costly if you go to the dealership. But before going to the dealership, we will provide some quick processes so that you can try them yourself to fix it. So look through the complete article and try.

What Are The Common Bobcat T300 Problems?

What Are The Common Bobcat T300 Problems

Users face many problems while using the Bobcat T300 track loader, most of which require professionals to figure out the exact problem.

Even so, some common problems need to be mentioned because almost every consumer faces them after some time. Here are some of the common problems people face:

  • Loader stops working 
  • Engine Loses power suddenly 
  • Does not start (Final Drive Motor Problem) 
  • Blocked case drain
  • Joystick axis problem 

5 Solutions To Bobcat T300 Problems

Bobcat T300 is heavy-duty machinery that has complex parts inside it that professionals can handle.

But we have researched and found that there are things that you can do to fix the problems because those might look bigger from the outside, but they happen because of something simple on the inside.
The solutions to the problems written above are given underneath. We hope you will find your answers and solutions helpful:

1. Loader Movement Problem: Repair or Replace Sensor

Loader Movement Problem Repair or Replace Sensor

There are plenty of safety sensors on the Bobcat T300 because the heavy loader might cause severe damage. There’s a chance that the sensors malfunctioned due to some code error that made the loader stop moving or jam it.

This can also happen if the sensors are damaged somehow. Replacing any kind of sensor might require an expert. But there are ways that you can try to make it work before calling an expert.

First, turn off the track loader, then reach out to the pedal area. There you can find seat bar sensors. It can also be under your seat, depending on your model (year).

Unplug the sensors and take a few minutes’ break. Then reconnect the sensors. It should reset the error codes. The sensors can be bypassed with a jumper pack to 12V.

If the loader still doesn’t work, the sensors are damaged. Unplug the damaged sensors and buy new ones. Even if the loader is jammed after being replaced, contact your nearby Bobcat dealership because that’s the only option left.

The price of the Bobcat T300 seat bar sensor starts at $37.74 in the US. The price may vary depending on your location.

2. Sudden Power Loss on Engine: Clean or Replace The Fuel Line

Sudden Power Loss on Engine Clean or Replace The Fuel Line

This track loader is used in cold areas, often for removing ice. At a point, the diesel fuel can be hard because of the weather, and it can block the fuel lines and jam the fuel filter.

Check the fuel lines to ensure they are clean, and if not, you need to buy an extension called a “block heater.” This part heats the fuel line to liquefy the diesel and helps the engine receive fuel.

For the same reason, the fuel filter can be jammed or damaged. Open the back cover of the Bobcat T300 and reach for the fuel filter.

Unplug it from the machine (twist), then check if there’s any fault. If you notice that it needs to be replaced, buy a new one and put it back in the same way.

The Block heater will cost $52.95 on eBay, and the fuel filter will cost $14.95. If you cannot install the block heater yourself, call a technician, and they will do it for you (additional cost).

Note: Do not try it by yourself if you are not confident. You might damage the machine.

3. Final Drive Motor Problem: Apply Grease or Replace the Bearings

Final Drive Motor Problem Apply Grease or Replace the Bearings

Every bearing has a limited lifespan. For the Bobcat T300, the average lifespan of its main bearings on the loader is about 800 hours, depending on the pressure the machine will be under.

At a particular time, the bearing oil gets dry, or the oil leaks cause this problem. If the oil is leaking, this can cause internal damage too. If the bearings are damaged, they need to be replaced with new ones.

The solution to that problem is simple. First, check the bearings; then, if you don’t notice any leaks, they put in some bearing oil or grease that can be found in any nearby hardware store. The loader should work fine.

Open the bearing with a wrench right away if you see any leaks to prevent harm to other components.

To diagnose the issue if your final drive motor is damaged, contact a professional or the nearby Bobcat dealership. If the problem is major, it will cost a lot to repair. Or if it needs to be replaced, it can cost up to $4,000.

4. Clogged Filter Problem: Replace the case Drain Filter

Clogged Filter Problem Replace the case Drain Filter

The Bobcat T300 has a case drain filter to separate contamination of different materials in the hydraulic fluid.

After long-term usage, many different types get blocked in the case of drain filters and become an obstacle to operating the machinery properly. Depending on the condition of the filter, you must replace or clean it.

Reach the case drain filter and unscrew it. Open the filter by twisting with your hands or a wrench if necessary. Then check the condition of the filter itself and the spring. If it’s in good condition, then clean it.

However, we don’t recommend washing it. Replacing is always a good idea. Buy a new filter, put the filter and spring together, and then place it back.

A new filter starts at $34.95. You can find it online or at nearby hardware stores.

5. Joystick Problem: Make Adjustment

Joystick Problem Make Adjustment

After using it for an extended period, users complain that the joystick is not working as it should. It becomes a little uneven on the axis, so whenever someone uses it, they find it hard to figure out where the center is.

This mostly happens because of too much usage where the joystick goes offset from the center. It is possible to fix it with a screwdriver and adjust it quickly.

Both joysticks are identical, so it doesn’t matter which one has a problem. The process is similar for both.

If you pull hard enough, the joystick will come off its base. Then disconnect the cables and look at the bottom. You will find its terminals and a ball that helps to move.

Unscrew the 3 points around it and adjust the ball to the center. Put the screws back in and reconnect the wires.

Finally, adjust the joystick’s sitting position and apply some pressure to place it in its position. That should make your joystick work properly.

Even if that doesn’t work, you can contact an expert to repair it. Replacing it is not easy because it costs almost $1400 per control.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bobcat T300 is a competent machine, but users frequently ask a few questions because of its common problems. We tried our best to answer the majority of the questions below:

How often do I have to change the hydraulic fluid filter of the Bobcat T300?

The manual and manufacturer generally suggest changing the hydraulic fluid filter after every 500 hours of operation. Meanwhile, the hydraulic fluid in the track loader must be changed once every 250 operating hours. If not, the machine might show some problems and even stop working.

What is the lifespan of the main bearings of the Bobcat T300?

Bobcat T300’s main bearing lifespan depends on its usage, although the designers have claimed the average lifespan is 800 operating hours. But in reality, users have faced problems after 500 working hours because of too heavy a load. Some people operated for 1200 hours without any problems.

Where can I find replacement parts for my Bobcat T300?

The replacement parts for the Bobcat T300 are tough to find, except at Bobcat’s official dealership or on their website. The original replacement parts cost a lot, so we prefer to go for good alternative (third party) parts found in TVH, Amazon, Rubbertack, and nearby hardware stores.

Why did the Bobcat T300 suddenly stop working?

There are various reasons behind this problem, and you have to figure out the origin to know why. But the most common causes that have been claimed are sensor malfunction, clogged fuel and case drain filters, the engine not receiving the right amount of oil, etc.

What grade is Bobcat T300 hydraulic oil?

We suggest a good quality brand of AW oil for your bobcat T300’s hydraulic. If you don’t use good quality oil, the oil will damage your machine gradually. AW32 grade will work fine for this machine, but some suggest AW46 for better endurance.


If you are looking for a powerful and compact track loader that can do the heavy lifting, the Bobcat T300 might be the perfect one. But this track loader requires high maintenance from time to time.

Ensure good quality fuel and oil on the engine and bearings. Keep regular updates of the pumps’ before and after working. It is ideal for warming up the engine before starting. Do not forget to replace the air and fuel filters at a specific time. The average time for replacement is 500 hours, depending on workload.

By taking good care of it and maintaining it the correct way, you can use the machine longer without repairing it. Do that, and it might save you some extra bucks.

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