5 Easy Solutions to the TYM Tractor Not Starting Issue


The TYM tractor is a versatile vehicle that can be used for everything from simple gardening to commercial farming activities. But despite that, you may sometimes end up with an annoying issue like the tractor engine not starting. 

If your TYM tractor does not start, then it usually means you have run out of fuel or the fuel you are using is not the right one. Another cause might be the presence of a defective starter solenoid that is preventing the ignition.

In the section below, we discuss five of the most common reasons why a TYM tractor won’t start and what you can do to fix them. 

Why Won’t the TYM Tractor Start?  

Why Won't the TYM Tractor Start  

The TYM tractor undergoes transmission problems. Mostly, the problem is just an incessant whining noise, but sometimes you will find that you can’t get it to start. Some of the reasons for this happening are: 

  1. Defective Starter Solenoid 
  2. Damaged battery 
  3. Improper fuel in the tank
  4. Engine getting overheated 
  5. Failed glow plugs 

5 Solutions to the TYM Tractor Not Starting Issue 

5 Solutions to the TYM Tractor Not Starting Issue 

It’s difficult to diagnose what specific problems are causing the TYM tractor to not start. In that case, you can look for several ways to solve this issue. Below, we go through the 5 problems and their solutions. 

1. Defective Starter Solenoid: Replace the Defective Solenoid with a New One

Defective Starter Solenoid Replace the Defective Solenoid with a New One

If there is a clicking sound when you turn on the engine, it usually indicates a defect within your starter solenoid. 

The starter solenoid experiences wear and tear due to age. Over time, it accumulates moisture and heat that causes it to go bad. Bad wiring may also be a cause of the defect. 

The only solution to a defective solenoid is to replace the solenoid. Follow these steps. 

  1. Make sure that the car does not have any electric connections. This includes taking the battery out. 
  2. Look for a new solenoid to replace the defective one. 
  3. Detach the cables from the starter and the solenoid.
  4. Remove the starter by opening the bolts. 
  5. Now it’s time to remove the solenoid. Make sure that you don’t lose the spring attached to it. 
  6. Just do the solenoid removal process but in reverse to get the new solenoid on the engine.
  7. Now get all the cables reconnected, followed by the battery. And you are done. 

If you have confidence in yourself, you can have it done DIY. It will cost  you roughly $400-600.  

2. Damaged Battery: Clean the Battery Posts or Replace the Battery

Damaged Battery Clean the Battery Posts or Replace the Battery

You will know that the battery is damaged or not working if there is no power coming out of it. The most frequent causes of battery defects are typically aging and wear and tear. 

To solve the battery problem, you may either need to give it a jumpstart or replace it. To get it to jumpstart, you need to do the following: 

  1. You have to disconnect the battery attachments. Start with the negative first. 
  2. Next, you need to clean the battery posts. Do this with a simple homemade solution made by dissolving baking soda in water. Take some of that solution and use it on the posts. 
  3. Take the time to dry the posts before you get the terminals reattached again. 
  4. You will know that the battery is dead if it does not start again after you clean it. In that case, you are left with the only choice of replacing it. 

The cost of getting the battery replaced varies, but it lies between $130-$210. 

3. Improper Fuel: Smell the Fuel and Then Flush It Out If It’s Stale

Improper Fuel Smell the Fuel and Then Flush It Out If It's Stale

The presence of improper or impure fuel can greatly harm your TYM  tractor’s transmission capabilities. As TYM tractors run on diesel, the diesel engine must only use diesel and not gasoline. 

Diesel works through compression, while gasoline requires spark plugs to function. The different mechanisms mean that you cannot have gasoline for a diesel engine. 

Also keep in mind that, over time, germs and water can contaminate the diesel as well. 

To identify whether the fuel is contaminated, you can smell it as both diesel and gasoline have different smells. If you find a hint of gasoline, then empty the entire fuel tank and get it refilled again. The diesel for a TYM tractor costs between $3-5 per litre. 

4. The Engine is Getting Overheated: Check the Cooling System

The Engine is Getting Overheated Check the Cooling System

In most cases, the overheating of the engine is a result of the cooling system malfunctioning. You need to check the radiator fins for this. 

Take the following course of action to solve this issue. 

  1. Before you do anything, make sure to let the engine cool down fast. Trying to open the radiator cap when the engine is hot exposes you to the risk of getting hit by the radiator cap as you take it off. 
  2. Next check the amount of coolant in the radiator. Without it, the temperature cannot be regulated. You cannot use water in the radiator since the minerals within it can hamper the radiator’s function. A recommended approach is to use a 1:1 mixture of distilled water with the appropriate antifreeze material. 
  3. Take an air compressor and blow it into the radiator to shave off any dust particles that may clog up the fins. 

The air compressor will cost somewhere between $50 and $130. On the other hand, the antifreeze crystals will cost you $5 to $12. 

5. Failed Glow Plugs: Replace/Get New Glow Plugs 

Failed Glow Plugs ReplaceGet New Glow Plugs 

The TYM tractor can function despite the failure of several glow plugs. But there is a limit, and once you have more than 4 or 5 of your plugs failing, you have a problem and your engine refuses to start. In such a situation, you can do the following. 

  1. Start by disconnecting the cables connected to every glow plug. 
  2. Connect a test light to each glow plug’s positive terminal and test if it works. 
  3. Then make the test light touch each of the glow plugs’ cables. 
  4. If you find that the test light illuminates, that means you have a functioning glow plug. If not, it means you need to get the glow plug changed. 
  5. Repeat the same process for every single glow plug. 

So if your glow plug isn’t working anymore, you need to get it replaced. For this, you will need to spend between $12 and $20 per glow plug. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Many issues come with the TYM tractor. But these are the inquiries that users have in relation to the TYM tractor and the problem of it not starting. 

What if my TYM tractor battery malfunctions? 

If you have a dead battery, then you have to get a new one. Otherwise, you may need to just give it a jumpstart by cleaning the posts using a solution of baking soda and water. 

Why is my TYM tractor engine overheating? 

The TYM tractor, like any tractor, overheats due to some issues within the cooling system. Usually, you’ll find that you have reduced the number of antifreeze crystals in the radiator or the radiator fins have gotten clogged due to dirt.

Can the TYM tractor function without glow plugs? 

Yes, the TYM tractor can function if one or two of the glow plugs fail. But you will start to face problems once the number of failed glow plugs exceeds 4 or 5. In that case, you need to get them replaced. 


It can be very annoying (and a bit daunting) when you try to start up the TYM tractor and it does not start. But it’s not a very big deal as it is a very common issue with all tractors. 

We compiled some of the most common causes of this issue, but there are others as well, such as a dirty fuel filter, cold outdoor temperatures, a failed ignition switch, an empty fuel tank, etc. 

When a problem occurs, make sure to read the manual that was provided to you by the manufacturer. In any case, you can consult an expert on this and get it handled more professionally. 

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