What Is High Lift Mower Blade? Pros and Cons of It

With the help of extended horsepower, high lift blades offer excellent airflow to cut through grasses. But do you know “what is high lift mower blade?”

In a nutshell, high lift mower blades come with curved edges that are liable to lift up grasses while cutting. Then, they tend to supply them in a specific bag. Improved cutting skills, multiple lifting options, and effective bagging are some of their key advantages. 

We guess you want to learn more about how they work, potential drawbacks, and so forth, right? If so, then you are just a step away!

What Are Hi Lift Mower Blades and How Do They Work?

What Are Hi Lift Mower Blades and How Do They Work

In simple words, hi lift mower blades play a key role in lifting up the grasses once you cut them off. 

They mainly consist of curved edges, assisting in creating better airflow to lift the grass and supplying them to the bag or specific grass collection system.  

Through the vacuum effect, hi lift mower blades pull up grasses towards the cutting deck, thanks to their inward curved blades! 

This is how they cut grasses off as evenly as possible. To discharge clipping or bagging, high lift mower blades are ideal. 

Pros and Cons of High Lift Mower Blades

High lift mower blades work incredibly does not mean they are flawless. Rather, you will get to face both pros and cons by using them. Some of them are as follows: 

Pros of high lift Mower blades: 

Effective Bagging 

Effective Bagging 

Indeed, hi lift blades are known for their innovative cutting skills. The improved suction and lifting ability of the blades makes them capable of bagging and collecting the clippings. And thus, it adds extra convenience in terms of hassle-free disposal. 

Enhanced Cutting Skills 

Enhanced Cutting Skills 

Let’s not forget about its efficient curved blades. With their assistance, high lift mower blades create added suction and airflow to deal with wet grasses in the best way possible! 

Furthermore, their improved cutting experience makes sure you will enjoy a cleaner and even better cut of your lawn. 

Multiple Lifting Options

Multiple Lifting Options

Thankfully, almost every high lift mower blade consists of several categories of lifting. And this is how it lets you fill numerous cutting requirements. 

In fact, you are allowed to select blades with several lifting capacities, depending on your preferences. And these include handling tough mowing conditions and cutting bigger grasses. 

Suit Commercial Projects 

Suit Commercial Projects

Not everyone is willing to pay a fortune to go through their regular mowing tasks with the high lift mower blades. 

Considering this, manufacturers incorporate rotary mower blades on some models for optimal performance and quality. 

As a result, seasoned landscapers find the high lift mower blade a reliable choice in order to deal with heavy-duty mowing tasks. 

Capable of Grass Discharging 

Capable of Grass Discharging 

Hi-lift mower blades are known for discharging the grass efficiently. This is crucial when you tend to mow denser grass areas. 

The enhanced lift capabilities and airflow assist in preventing clipping. Moreover, these blades let the user enjoy a spick-and-span grass discharge!

Cons of high lift Mower blades: 

Cons of high lift Mower blades

High Noise 

During a mow, the power needed for the high lift blades may cause heavy noise! As a result, using such blades can be a huge trouble around noise-restricted zones and public places. 

Besides, if you seek quieter mowing operation, high lift mower blades might not be your cup of tea! 

Does Not Fit Short Grasses 

As you know, hi lift mower blades are designed in such a way that they will be able to deal with wet and tall grasses. 

So if you get into utilizing them on short-sized grasses, chances are they cannot offer the same level of accuracy and cutting efficacy! 

Why? This is because these blades suit mowing that involves low-height. 

Issues with Compatibility 

Issues with Compatibility 

Unfortunately, a couple of mowers might not be friendly with hi lift mower blades because of their HP limitations and designs. 

As a result, before buying it, make sure your particular mower model is able to accommodate these blades. Otherwise, your valuable bucks will go in vain! 

Do High Lift Mower Blades Cut Better than Regular Blades?

Do High Lift Mower Blades Cut Better Than Regular Blades

The lifting amount is considered the prime thing that distinguishes hi lift and regular mower blades. Besides, compatibility is another core factor to differentiate them. 

Like, high lift mower blades are known to be the most suitable option in terms of cutting taller and wet grasses. 

Whereas, regular blades can serve you optimal benefits during dry conditions, especially while working with small grasses. 

However, these are not as efficient as high lift mower blades in terms of cutting thick grasses. 

One crucial thing that we’d like to mention is that the regular blade cannot beat the high lift blades in terms of suction and airflow. 

Because hi lift mower blades have curved edges, and they are helpful to leave your cuts on bags.  

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John Deere High Lift Blades Vs Standard 

John Deere High Lift Blades Vs Standard 

For being added with high lift blades, John Deere will not work similarly to the standard blade. Rather, you may notice the following differences between these two: 

  • John Deere high lift blades are designed to deal with thicker grasses, while the standard one suits thinner grasses to cut through.
  • For being hi-lift, John Deere mower blades are liable to lift up grasses to cut through. On the other side, standard blades pull up grasses for cutting. 
  • John Deere high lift blades are best suited to tall grasses. In contrast, standard blades are compatible with small-sized grasses. 


Every blade has its own unique way to work. So there is no chance to get relied on any of the mower blades without any judgment. 

Rather, we’d prefer considering your requirements by knowing whether you need blades for tall grasses, grass discharging, and commercial projects. 

If so, then spending on the high lift mower blade is worth the investment!

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