How to Fix Common Bobcat T76 Track Loader Problems?


The Bobcat t76 is the latest in the line of R-series track loaders made by Bobcat. Its’ build upgrades make it very useful for use on multiple terrains. Despite its benefits, there are some common issues that users encounter.

Common problems that users of Bobcat t76 face include engine issues caused by a clogged air filter or a clogged fuel filter. Other performance issues range from contaminated engine fluids such as engine oil and hydraulic fluid.

In this article, we discuss the most common problems with the Bobcat t76, symptoms, causes and solutions.

What Are The Common Bobcat T76 Problems?

What Are The Common Bobcat T76 Problems

The problems that users face with the Bobcat t76 are quite similar to other Bobcat R-series loaders. Most of the issues are related to engine performance and the quality/amount of the various fluids running the vehicle.

These are the most common problems that users of the Bobcat t76 come to face regularly.

  • Clogged air filter
  • Clogged Fuel filter
  • Poor/contaminated Engine oil
  • Poor/contaminated Hydraulic fluid
  • Deteriorated coolant

5 Easy Solutions For Bobcat T76 Problems

Most of the issues that Bobcat t76 users face come from clogged filters and deteriorated fluids. So the solution in most cases is to clean or replace the filters and change the relevant fluids.

1. Clogged Air Filter: Replace Air Filter

Clogged Air Filter Replace Air Filter

If the engine on the Bobcat t76 overheats, it means your air filter is clogged. Usually, you can solve this by cleaning it, but if the machine display shows the “AIRF” symbol, then you have to replace the air filter.

Before removing the filter, make sure that the engine is excellent. Also, take safety precautions such as wearing protective glasses and gloves. Then proceed to the following instructions.

  1. Remove the filter cover by taking off the 4 latches and holding it tight. Check that the sealing surface is clean and that the pre-cleaning duct is free of debris.
  2. Now carefully remove the air filter.
  3. Clean the air filter housing using a vacuum cleaner or a clean cloth. Do not use compressed air since you run the risk of blowing dirt/dust into the engine.
  4. Don’t waste any time putting the filter in. make sure it is firmly put in place.
  5. Put the filter cover back into place.

A new air filter for the Bobcat t76 will cost between $15 and $40.

2. Clogged Fuel Filter: Replace The Fuel Filter

Clogged Fuel Filter Replace The Fuel Filter

Over time, accumulation of debris and contamination of fuel will cause the fuel filter on the Bobcat t76 to be clogged. It causes problems such as rough engine starts, acceleration issues and other engine-related problems.

Getting a replacement is the best solution to a clogged fuel filter situation. Follow these steps to replace the fuel filter.

  1. Begin by cleaning the surfaces around the fuel filter.
  2. Put a tray or a bowl below the filter to catch any leaking fuel. You may also put a rag underneath to soak up the escaping fuel.
  3. Instead of disconnecting the hoses as they can cause contamination, disconnect the sensor wiring from the filter. 
  4. Now open the drain and allow the fuel to be released. Once it is all released, close the drain.
  5. Use a wrench to move the filter head counterclockwise about 15 degrees to loosen it from the filter.
  6. Loosen the clamps holding the filter tight. Then gently remove the whole filter including the filter head.
  7. Repeat step 5 to detach the filter head from the filter.
  8. Lubricate the sealing surface of the new filter and then manually attach it to the filter head, moving the head clockwise.
  9. Install the filter and tighten the clamps. Reconnect the sensor wire.

Bobcat fuel filters will cost you between $18 and $60.

3. Contaminated Engine Oil: Changing The Engine Oil

Contaminated Engine Oil Changing The Engine Oil

You will know if the engine oil is contaminated if there is a loud engine noise or if the oil has adopted a dark, dirty color. The oil will also start to smell and release gas exhausts from the tailpipe.

Change the engine oil by following these steps.

  1. Begin by opening the tailgate of the Bobcat t76 to access the engine oil drain.
  2. Place a bowl or a container under the drain and then take the drain plug off.
  3. Make sure to recycle the drained oil in an eco-friendly manner.
  4. Put the drain plug back on and then put the drain back in its storage.
  5. Next put a rag under the oil filter to soak any excess oil.
  6. Use a wrench to take off the filter and clean the filter mount.
  7. Lubricate the sealing surface of the filter and put it back on the mount. Then tighten the filter using the wrench.
  8. Now take off the fill cap and fill in the necessary amount of oil.

Engine oil for the Bobcat t76 usually costs between $40 and $50 per gallon.

4. Deteriorated/Contaminated Hydraulic Fluid: Replace Hydraulic Fluid And Fluid Filter

Deteriorated/Contaminated Hydraulic Fluid Replace Hydraulic Fluid And Fluid Filter

If you notice that the Bobcat t76 is showing decreased power output, then the cause is contaminated or poor hydraulic fluid. In that case, you have no option but to change the fluid.

To change the fluid, follow these steps.

  1. Open the rear door. Raise the rear grille, radiator cooling package and the operator cab. 
  2. Unbolt the access cover and remove it.
  3. Decouple the drain hose and place a bowl underneath it.
  4. Remove the plug on the drain hose and drain the hydraulic fluid.
  5. Put the plug on the drain hose back on and put it back in its chamber.
  6. Recycle the drained fluid in an eco-friendly manner.
  7. Install the access cover and bolt it.
  8. Remove the fill hose and clean the hydraulic fill screen using low air pressure. Then put the fill screen back in the hose. Then tighten the hose. 
  9. Take out the vent filter and replace it with a new one. Make sure to lubricate the ‘o’ rings of the new filter.
  10. Remove the hydraulic fluid filter. Take off the cap and put it on the new filter. Then install the new filter.
  11. Remove the case drain filter and lubricate the ‘o’ rings. Then install it back again.
  12. Repeat step 17 for the charge filter as well.
  13. Lower the operator cab.
  14. Finally fill the vehicle with fresh hydraulic fluid.

Hydraulic fluid will cost you between $20 and $30 per gallon.

5. Deteriorated Coolant: Coolant Needs To Be Changed

Deteriorated Coolant: Coolant Needs To Be Changed

The most obvious sign that your T76 loader coolant will need to be changed is if the temperature readings show higher than usual. You may also notice coolant leaks that form puddles beneath the vehicle.

Change the coolant by following these steps.

  1. Let the engine cool and then remove the radiator cap.
  2. Remove the belt shield to access the coolant hose.
  3. Install locking hose pliers on the lower coolant hose.
  4. Take off the hose clamp.
  5. Put a bowl under the hose to drain the coolant.
  6. Unfasten the radiator cap.
  7. Install the coolant hose and tighten it with the clamp.
  8. Install belt shield and tighten 3 fasteners.
  9. Now start the engine and keep it in idle mode for 2 minutes.
  10. Install the reservoir cap.
  11. Keep the engine turned on until it reaches the correct operating temperature for coolants.
  12. Let the system cool and then remove the radiator cap.
  13. Now fill up the radiator with the appropriate amount of coolant.
  14. Install the radiator cap.

A gallon of antifreeze for the Bobcat t76 costs between $20 and $25.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The bobcat t76 is a very popular choice of track loader for many people. users come across some very common issues and that leads them to ask the following questions.

Why Does The Engine Get Hot On The Bobcat T76?

If the engine gets hot, it is most likely due to clogged air filters. The accumulation of debris and dust particles on the filter causes the engine to overheat due to the reduced amount of oxygen supply to the engine.

What To Do If The Vehicle Gets Very Hot Inside The Bobcat T76?

If the vehicle gets hot, it is most likely due to the lack of coolant or antifreeze materials. All you need to do is replace the coolant material with a new one.

What should I do if the hydraulic fluid is contaminated or deteriorated on the Bobcat 76?

If the hydraulic fluid is contaminated or deteriorated, then you have no choice but to replace it. The cost will vary from $20 to $30 per gallon of hydraulic fluid.

Do you need to replace the clogged air filter of Bobcat t710?

You don’t have to replace the fuel filter if it is clogged. Every filter has its capacity for being clogged. Once that capacity is exceeded, the filter becomes useless and only then should you consider changing it.


Always make sure to conduct a daily inspection of the Bobcat t76 to identify any problems. Look for signs of contamination or corrosion in case specific parts will need to be cleaned or replaced.

Also, ensure that the vehicle is always kept in a clean and safe environment to minimize the probability of dust and debris accumulation. Don’t forget to get it cleaned daily.

Important to note that you dispose of the excess fluids from the cleanup in a way that is safe for the environment. Check your local regulations for more details on that.

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