Rural King Tractors Are Junk: What To Do?


Rural King Tractors are great equipment to keep your garden clean and tidy. But sometimes, you may have noticed that your tractor fails to crank after using it for a while, keeping it idle for a long time.

You could be left wondering if Rural King tractors are junk. Multiple possibilities, such as a dead battery, electrical wiring issues, or a safety switch, may cause your RK tractor not to start.

These potential issues with your RK tractor are straightforward and can be resolved immediately, saving you money and time. You may read this article until the conclusion to learn about the probable reasons and fixes to get your tractor up and running again.

Why Do Rural King Tractors Are Junk?

Why Do Rural King Tractors Are Junk

Rural King tractors are made and designed for heavy-duty work. Lack of proper monitoring can cause different parts and components of the tractor to fail, ultimately resulting in the tractor not getting started. 

Among all the reasons, the “brake starter switch” and “safety starter switch” could be the most probable reasons for your tractor failing to crank.

  • Dead or Bad battery
  • Electrical wiring issue
  • Brake safety switch 
  • Starter Safety switch
  • Power Turn Off (PTO) switch
  • Transmission lever engaging switch/wiring connector
  • Problem in the fuel line

7  Solutions For Rural King Tractors Junk

One or more of the difficulties outlined above may be the issue if your RK tractor is having trouble starting its engine. Therefore, before you take the tractor to a shop, perform these seven easy fixes to save time and money.

1. Dead Battery: Recharge or Replace

 Dead Battery Recharge or Replace

Tractors are prone to failure in terms of engine ignition due to a dead or bad battery. If the tractor is left unused for a long period, the battery loses the charge and fails to provide the required cranking amp to ignite the engine. 

Moreover, exposure to cold weather can also cause the battery not to provide sufficient CCA to the engine. To solve this, first, clean up the connecting terminals of the battery using steel wool to remove all the corrosion.

Secondly, check the battery’s voltage output using a voltmeter or multimeter. The battery needs a jump start or replacement if the reading is below 12V. After that, recharge the battery using an authorized smart charger along with the desulfation of the battery.

If none of these works, you might need to get a new compatible battery for your RK tractor. A new 12V battery may cost you around $70-100.

2. Electrical Wiring Issue: Reconnect or Replace

Electrical Wiring Issue Reconnect or Replace

Driving the tractor through the heavily populated bush, leaves, and tree branches can sometimes disconnect wirings located underneath the tractor. Transmission and battery wires can get damaged similarly and result in the tractor not getting started.

You can start looking at the connections from the battery to the spark plug, glow plug, etc. If corrosions attack the battery terminals, they should be removed and reconnected. Since most wirings run underneath the tractor, inspect those and reconnect if required.

Sometimes you may need to replace the entire wiring harness of particular components to solve the issue.

3. Faulty Brake Safety Switch: Disengage, Replace if damaged

Faulty Brake Safety Switch Disengage, Replace if damaged

The engine starting mechanism of an RK tractor follows multiple safety routes. Your engine won’t start if you don’t press the brake pedal while cranking. It is because there is a safety switch that acts as the bridge to complete the circuit of engine cranking.

You will find the safety switch underneath the chassis of the tractor. If for some reason, the switch is damaged, the tractor won’t start. Inspect if the switch works fine when the brake pedal is engaged. If not, the brake safety switch requires replacement.

In general, you need to replace the brake safety switch after 2000 hours of operation or four years after purchase.  It might cost you around $10-12 for a new switch. A mechanic can charge you $70-150 for an hour of service.

4. Starter Safety Switch Problem: Replace or Repair

Starter Safety Switch Problem Replace or Repair

Like other lawn tractors, the Rural King tractors are also installed with a safety switch beneath the driver’s seat. The switch is designed in such a way that the engine does not start until the driver sits on the seat. This switch acts as a bridge of the starting sequence.

The tractor’s engine won’t start if the switch is damaged or becomes caught in the disengaged position. To solve this, lift the seat and inspect the safety switch. If the switch is stuck in a position, it needs repairing by a professional.

On the other hand, if the switch is found to be physically damaged, you might replace it. The cost of a new starter switch can vary between $10-15 depending upon the compatibility and availability.

5. Faulty Power Take Off (PTO) Switch: Repair

Faulty Power Take Off (PTO) Switch Repair

One of the steps in the engine starting mechanism of Rural King tractors is to disengage the power take-off (PTO) lever. The engine won’t crank if the lever is stuck in the ON position. It can happen due to physical damage or debris stuck within the switch.

To resolve this, you need an assist. Inspect the PTO switch underneath the tractor by asking the assistant to move the PTO lever. 

Remove any wedges or debris between the lever and switch to prevent the PTO from disengaging. It is better to disassemble, clean, and reassemble the PTO switch to get a better result.

6. Problem With Transmission Lever Engagement Switch: Inspect and Reconnect The Wires

Problem With Transmission Lever Engagement Switch Inspect and Reconnect The Wires

One of the safety switches in lawn tractors is Rural King, located in the transmission levers. The gearbox must stay neutral while cranking up the engine to avoid accidents. 

That is why a tractor won’t start if the hydraulic control, remote control valve lever, and transmission lever are positioned to neutral. Two wires are coming from the transmission lever being in neutral that connects the safety switch.

First, secure the tractor by locking the wheels, using the parking brake, and removing the keys. Afterward, go underneath the tractor and ask an assistant to move the shifter lever.

Once you have identified the wiring from the transmission, check if the wires are connected to the switch. Tree branches, bushes, or sticks can rip off this wiring. Reconnect the wiring from the neutral transmission and secure it tightly.

7. Problem With The Fuel Line: Clean and Secure Fuel Transfer

Problem With The Fuel Line: Clean and Secure Fuel Transfer

The fuel line to the engine from the fuel tank in RK tractors is not up to the mark. Most of the time, the tank fails to pump fuel resulting in the engine not cranking and getting started.

Start by removing the fuel filter after turning the fuel line ON. If fuel does not drip from the filter, a clog must have prevented the fuel from running from the tank.

After that, turn off the fuel cap and pump air using the air compressor to the fuel line to remove clogging. Once you get the fuel flow, close the line and reassemble the filter.

You might need an expert’s help to solve this issue using an air compressor. They might charge you around $100-150 per hour while fixing the problem.

FAQs About Rural King Tractors Are Junk

Here are some inquiries by the users and owners of Rural King tractors that might help you know more and clarify if RK tractors are junk.

Are Rural King tractors worth the price?

Rural King tractors have a pretty good history in terms of performance and service. Although, many negative reviews are coming from the users about the after-sales service and parts availability. Thus, it is worth paying the price if you maintain your tractor and keep it healthy through regular follow-ups.

What causes Rural King tractors not to start?

There is a complex starting sequence for starting at the engine of the RK tractor. If any sequence step is incomplete, the tractor won’t start. It includes engaging all the safety switches such as the starter, emergency brake, transmission, and PTO switch.

How much does solving the Rural king tractor not starting problem cost?

A mechanic would charge around $70-150 per hour of service to track and fix the engine starting issues. For parts replacements, you may need to spend $10-15 only as safety switches are the major cause of the such issue.

What are Rural King tractor’s common problems?

The common issues with the RK tractors include engine not starting, sourcing parts for replacement after-sales service, etc. In addition to this, some sold units of RK tractor units faced gearbox and corroded wiring issues.


Rural king tractors are worth buying for small lawn projects. Like every other heavy-duty equipment, these tractors require regular maintenance, cleaning, and servicing. 

Doing these would decrease the issues such as engines failing to crank. You might not consider that rural king tractors are junk if you follow the above mentioned steps to fix the problem. Moreover, you would not need any heavy equipment for the inspection.

We hope this article has been informative and instructive for you to get your RK tractor functioning properly. Besides, using these quick and easy steps can also save you a lot of money.

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