How to Fix Kubota Tractor Won’t Start Safety Switch?


We know it’s irritating when you badly need to start your tractor, but it won’t turn on. However, it’s always good to find out the causes behind the problem. If you have a Kubota tractor, it is more likely the safety switch causes the issue of the tractor refusing to start.

To fix the Kubota tractor won’t start the safety switch issue, you need to check the safety switches first. Sometimes, the safety switches may go bad, misplaced, or defective. In this case, you need to check and replace the safety switches to fix the starting issue.

Furthermore, more to consider when troubleshooting your tractor’s safety switches issue. We will cover all the possible causes and solutions to them here in this article. 

What Causes Kubota Tractor Won’t Start Safety Switch? 

What Causes Kubota Tractor Won't Start Safety Switch

Kubota is one of the most popular tractor manufacturer companies. Over the years, they have introduced some highly useful and advanced feature tractors. 

The manufacturer provides different series of tractors like B, BX, M, L., etc. But unfortunately, all of the tractors have frequent issues with the safety switches. 

However, the possible causes of the issue are

  • Broken safety switch wires.
  • Damaged safety switches.
  • The switch is being knocked out of place.
  • Additional object in with the safety switches.

4 Solutions For Kubota Tractor Won’t Start Safety Switch

You will find four safety switches in different parts of your tractor. However, one of the most prominent safety switches is loaded under the driving seat of your tractor. 

The Kubota tractor will run into starting difficulties even if a single switch can’t perform correctly. 

1. Broken Safety Switch Wires: Replace the Wires

Broken Safety Switch Wires: Replace the Wires

In most cases, it is more likely that the wires of safety switches become corroded or bad. Furthermore, broken safety switch wires won’t allow the safety switches to perform smoothly. Thus, it creates trouble for the tractor engine to start. 

Therefore, the first task you should perform before taking any troubleshooting step is to check the wiring harness of the safety switch. It won’t be a good choice to replace the safety switch wiring harness before checking it. 

However, if you find additional damage to the wiring harness or the wiring harness is broken, you should replace it. You will find the wiring harness of the safety switches available on the market. 

To replace the wiring harness of the safety switch, you may need to pay around $35-$60. However, the cost depends on the model of the Kubota tractor you have. 

2. Damaged Safety Switches: Replace them

Damaged Safety Switches: Replace them

As you know, most tractors, including Kubaato, have four safety switches. However, any switches can be damaged or burnt at any time. This problem of damaged safety switches is most familiar with the brake safety switch. 

Like the problem with the safety switch wiring harness, you need to check all the safety switches on your tractor. If you find any additional sign of the damage in the body of the safety switch, it indicates that they are most probably damaged.

There are many possible reasons why the safety switches on your tractor go bad.  Due to age? Yes, this is a frequent reason. If the safety switches malfunction, it will be challenging to start your tractor. 

So, what can be done in this case? Experts suggest that it is always better to replace the safety switch if it becomes extremely damaged.

The replacement of the Kubota tractor safety switch may cost you around $40-$50.

3. Switch being knocked out of Place: Put the Safety Switches in the Right Position

Switch being knocked out of Place: Put the Safety Switches in the Right Position

This is another most frequent issue with the safety switches on your tractor. Sometimes, the switches knock out from their positions, and you may be unaware of this.  

However, if the safety switches become misplaced, they can’t function appropriately according to the expectation. 

Therefore, the better solution to this problem is to check all the safety switches on your tractor. If you notice the safety switches lose their position, you need to put them in the correct position. 

Moreover, you must ensure the safety switches are well plugged into the socket. 

Nevertheless, you don’t need to spend any money to put the safety switches in their position. Yet, if you find this task confusing, you can undoubtedly go with the mechanic. However, the labor cost may not seem a burden to you. 

4. Additional Object in With the Safety Switches: Clean the Safety Switches

Switch being knocked out of Place: Put the Safety Switches in the Right Position

You just can’t expect better functioning from the safety switches if additional objects are in with them. Therefore, keeping the safety switches neat and clean is always important. 

So, if you find difficulty starting your Kubota tractor, check the safety switch to inspect any dirt and dust. 

Therefore, the solution here is first to check carefully and notice whether there are additional wedges or dirt on the safety switch. If you find something on the safety switches, you should clean or remove them as soon as possible. 

In most cases, the debris jiggling off the wires of the switches can also cause the problem. So, you should check and clean the wires as well. 

FAQs About Kubota Tractor Won’t Start Safety Switch

Users like you often have a lot of confusion regarding fixing the safety switch issues on Kubota tractors. So, we have found the most asked question for you. But, who knows, you may have the same question.

How Many Safety Switches Are on a Kubota Tractor?

You will find four safety switches on the Kubota tractor. Moreover, one switch is under the driving seat on the tractor. Furthermore, you can find other safety switches under the tractor, gear lever, and braking section.

Are There Any Safety Switch Issues With a Kubota Tractor?

Yes, there are. The safety switches on your Kubota tractor may biome faulty. Furthermore, there is a change of corroded wiring harness of the safety switches. However, these issues prevent the tractor from starting. 

What Would Cause a Kubota Tractor Not to Start?

Several reasons can cause the Kubota tractor not to start. Among them, issues with the safety switches are more prominent. Moreover, malfunctioning safety switches never let the tractor start smoothly. 

Final Words

If you have read this article carefully, you may not have any confusion related to the Kubota tractor’s safety switch starting. Therefore, check the safety switches when you find any starting issues with your Kubota tractor.

In some cases, you may find it challenging to solve the issues with the safety switches. Therefore, it is better to hire a professional to avoid any technical risks with your tractor. 

Furthermore, make sure to buy appropriate parts in case of replacing the safety switches or Safety switches wiring harnesses.

Being careless about the Kobato safety switches issue is not a good move. You may not want to spoil your entire tractor.

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