How to Fix Common Bobcat CT2025 Compact Tractor Problems?


There is no denying the fact that Bobcat CT2025 is a great track loader. This unit is designed with many exclusive features to offer you a lot of benefits. However, many users also reported that they have faced some issues while operating this loader.

Some common bobcat ct2025 problems that users frequently complain include non-operational tilt & lift function, poor loader operation, dysfunctional steering and joystick controls, not being able to move forward and back, etc.

Whatever issue you may face with this model, you will be able to solve that by following the right troubleshooting technique. In this article, we will discuss some common Bobcat CT2025 problems and possible solutions.

What Are The Common Bobcat CT2025 Problems?

What Are The Common Bobcat CT2025 Problems

When you encounter a Bobcat CT2025 issue, don’t panic. Because of the right remedial activities, every problem of this model can be solved. Some of the common problems of this model are mentioned below for your better identification.

  • Inability to take it in a forward or backward position
  • Dysfunctional tilt and lift function
  • Inactive operate loader button
  • The steering doesn’t respond
  • Joystick controls don’t respond
  • The engine doesn’t start
  • Improper loader operation

7 Solutions for Bobcat CT2025 Problems

7 Solutions for Bobcat CT2025 Problems

To fix any issue with Bobcat CT2025, you must take the right action. Otherwise, you will not be able to solve the problem. Explore this section where we will discuss solutions to some common Bobcat CT2025 problems.

1. Inability to Take It in Forward or Backward Position

Inability to Take It in Forward or Backward Position

You won’t be able to move the bobcat ct2025 forward or backward if the system voltage is unbalanced, which occurs when one voltage is too low or high.

As a remedial action, inspect the system voltage and make sure that it is not too high or too low.

Besides, if the solenoid circuit is open, this problem may also happen. So, to fix the issue, you must find the bad solenoid.

If the solenoid circuit is damaged, you should replace it. The cost of a new solenoid circuit can be anywhere in the range of $15-$400.

2. Dysfunctional Tilt and Lift Function: Check the Fuel Tank and Fix Issues with Bad Solenoid

Dysfunctional Tilt and Lift Function Check the Fuel Tank and Fix Issues with Bad Solenoid

To be honest, many people already reported that they are not capable of tilting or lifting the bucket in their Bobcat CT2025.

Check the fuel tank thoroughly in the first place if you are experiencing this problem as well. Because a lower level of fuel can be a major cause of this problem.

If it is your cause, all you have to do is put fresh fuel in the tank to solve the issue. Another reason for this lift and tilt issue can be a bad solenoid. Inspect the valve output circuit with utmost care.

Make sure to repair any problems as soon as they arise. However, should you notice a damaged circuit there, you must go for a replacement. It may cost you 60-70 bucks to purchase a new valve output circuit.

3. Inactive Operate Loader Button: Fix Bad Connections Issue

 Inactive Operate Loader Button Fix Bad Connections Issue

This problem was addressed by some of the users of Bobcat CT2025. If the operate loader button of the machine is not functioning properly, it will not be possible to operate this track loader.

Typically, there can be a couple of reasons that can create this issue. The main reason for this problem is bad or loose connections in the wiring and fuses. To fix the issue, you must check the wiring and connections.

If you find any bad or loose connections, secure them properly. If you do so, your operate loader button will work again.

4. Steering Doesn’t Respond: Secure all Connections

Steering Doesn’t Respond Secure All Connections

Sometimes, the steering of the Bobcat CT2025 doesn’t respond properly. If you face this problem as well, it can be solved very easily.

If there is any loose connection, the steering may not respond properly. So, you should check and fix all lost connections.

Besides, if the control system of your Bobcat is malfunctioning, this problem may also happen. In that case, you need to find out about the malfunctions and fix that so that the steering can respond again.

5. Joystick Controls Don’t Respond: Secure all Connections, Replace Joystick Circuit Board

Joystick Controls Don’t Respond Secure all Connections, Replace Joystick Circuit Board

If you own a Bobcat CT2025 with a joystick control panel, it should work properly. However, sometimes, you may face issues while controlling the machine with the joystick.

One reason for this issue can be loose connections. If it is the case, you must make sure that all connections are properly secured.

If any problem happens in the joystick control circuit board, this issue may still happen. You will find the joystick control panel on the armrest of your joysticks.

If it is damaged, you must replace it. A new circuit board may cost you around $30-$60 based on models and brands.

Also, check whether the wire from the joystick to the hydraulic pump and actuators is properly connected or not. If not, secure the connections. It will solve the non-responding issues with joystick control.

6. Engine Doesn’t Start: Find the Reason and Take the Right Action

Engine Doesn’t Start Find the Reason and Take the Right Action

In a Bobcat CT2025, you will get a rear-mounted diesel engine. Although the engine is quite efficient, sometimes you may experience that the engine fails to start. Several reasons may contribute to creating this problem in this track loader.

First of all, inspect the entire fuel system of the machine. If you work with the loader in a dusty area, you should change the fuel filter regularly.

The fuel should be able to flow freely from the tank to the fuel injectors. You must check the fuel injectors thoroughly.

If there is any kind of clogging, the engine will not start smoothly. In that case, you should eliminate clogging.

Furthermore, if the connections in the glow-plug wires are not secured properly, you will also face engine issues. So, make sure that all wires in the glow-plug connections are properly secured.

7. Improper Loader Operation: Identify the Cause and Take Proper Steps

 Improper Loader Operation Identify the Cause and Take Proper Steps

If you are not satisfied with the operation of Bobcat CT2025, mainly the issue is with the hydraulics. Several hydraulic causes can create this problem.

Firstly, you must check the hydraulic fluid level. If there is excess fluid, you must drain some fuel. Because the hydraulic system works with the exact amount of required fluid.

The fluid should be able to move freely. If the fuel filter in the hydraulic system is clogged, the machine will operate poorly due to the blockage in the fluid flow.

In that case, you need to eliminate clogging. However, if the fuel filter is already damaged, you should replace it. It may cost you $18-$60 to buy a new hydraulic fuel filter.

Moreover, you should inspect all hydraulic lines for any leakage or poor fit. If you find one, don’t forget to fix the leakage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have any further queries? Check out the frequently asked sections below where you will get answers to some frequently asked queries.

How much does a Bobcat CT2025 weigh?

When you talk about a Bobcat track loader, it should weigh enough to offer you decent lifting capability. The Bobcat Ct2025 weighs 2646 pounds which is 1200 kg. So, it comes with a great ability to lift a great weight to help you in your projects.

Can Bobcat CT2025 face engine failure issues?

Yes, the Bobcat CT2025 can face engine-related issues. For example, many users complained that their Bobcat CT2025 fails to start.
The main reasons for this problem include clogging in the fuel injectors. This can happen when you use this machine in a rusty environment. To solve the issue, you must remove clogging from the injector.

Why does the lift and tilt function of the Bobcat CT2025 not work properly?

One of the common problems with this model is the dysfunctional tilt and lift feature. When this occurs, you will not be able to lift any weight with this track loader.
One major reason for this problem is inadequate fuel in the tank. Another reason can be a bad solenoid. If you take proper action, this issue can be resolved easily.

What are the reasons for poor loader operation in Bobcat CT2025?

When you face issues like improper loader operation in Bobcat CT2025, the main cause can be poor hydraulics. For example, if the hydraulic fluid level is too low or high, the loader will operate poorly.
Besides, there may be clogging in the hydraulic fuel filter. Or, any loose connections in the glow-plug lead wires, can cause this problem as well.


When you talk about the Bobcat CT2025, it is one of the finest models of this brand. It is designed with many excellent features. That’s why it gains faster popularity. However, still, many users face issues with this model.

Whenever you experience a problem with your Bobcat CT2025, you should keep calm and think wisely. There is an effective solution for every problem with Bobcat Ct2025.

In this article, we have discussed how to fix common Bobcat CT2025 problems. We hope it was helpful and you will fix any of these discussed issues easily in the future.

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