How to Fix Massey Ferguson Tractor Won’t Start Problems?


The Massey Ferguson tractors are very useful for large farms. In many parts of the world, they are renowned for offering machines connected to both industry and agriculture. The performance of these tractors is excellent, especially when dealing with large lawns. However, they occasionally experience problems while starting.

When you see your Massey Ferguson tractor won’t start, it can be due to many reasons like a damaged solenoid, a Jumpy power shuttle, engine overheating, and more. There can be other minor causes too like hydrostatic transmission problems and dead batteries.

Thus, if your tractor is having trouble starting and you are looking for solutions, our guide below has got you covered.

Why Won’t Massey Ferguson Tractor Start?

Massey Ferguson Tractor Start

If you do not maintain your tractor on regular maintenance or when the tractor ages, it can suffer from many problems which can eventually lead to starter problems. Read below to know more about these problems.

  • Damaged Solenoid
  • Jumpy power shuttle
  • Hydrostatic transmission problems
  • Engine overheating
  • Battery discharging quickly 
  • Stuck in one gear

6 Solutions For Massey Ferguson Tractor Won’t Start

Before you start troubleshooting your Massey Ferguson you will need to understand the problems well. Thus, read this section carefully to know about the problems that can cause your tractor not to start.

1. Damaged Solenoid: Replace the Solenoid

Replace the Solenoid

The starter Solenoid is one of the most important components of the engine. To activate the starter motor, the starter solenoid is required. In case of a bad starter solenoid, you will notice that your engine won’t turn over or fire up. 

Additionally, you’ll notice that the engine won’t start when you keep turning the ignition key and try to start it.

If you have a bad starter solenoid, then you will need to replace the solenoid. The replacement process can be a bit tricky and it is best to hire a mechanic for it. The whole replacement process can cost you between $90-$130.

2. Jumpy Power Shuttle: Rebuilt the Valve

Jumpy Power Shuttle

The power shuttle on Massey Ferguson tractors is yet another issue. Your tractors will have trouble starting if your power shuttles are bouncy. 

Most users have encountered circumstances when they become aware of the power shuttle’s unusually erratic behavior. O-ring leaking is frequently the cause of a jumpy starter.

Rebuilding the valve is the most effective remedy. Rebuilding the valve is the best course of action. This procedure must be completed at a qualified service facility due to its complexity. 

The cost to replace all the valves in a Massey tractor ranges from $800 to $1,900. The price to replace a single valve ranges from $100 to $200.

3. Engine Overheating: Check the Engine Coolant and Radiator

Check the Engine Coolant and Radiator

Engine overheating is another key reason why your Massey Ferguson tractor won’t start. Several factors, including radiator failures, coolant-related problems, and inadequate engine oil, can cause an engine to overheat.

At first, you will need to check the engine coolant, if it’s below the required level, refill the coolant and make sure to use a good quality one. Now also check the engine oil and refill if needed. 

If the problem still persists then you should check your radiator for dirt buildups; clean them properly and also if the radiator has the proper amount of coolant. 

4. Battery Discharging Quickly: Check for Loose Cables

Battery Discharging Quickly

It’s very common for batteries to stop charging or discharging, which might prevent your tractor from starting. 

There are several reasons why your tractor battery can be drained, including loose, filthy, or corroded battery cables, an electrical drain, or a faulty battery. Another possibility is a malfunctioning charging mechanism.

You will need to check your battery terminals first and look for any corroded terminals, clean them if you find any rust or corrosion. 

Also, look for any loose cables in battery terminals also in battery charging circuits; tighten all the cables properly. Last but not least make sure that your battery is in perfect working condition. 

5. Stuck in one Gear: Use Screwdriver to free the Gear

Use Screwdriver To Free The Gear

The most frequent issue experienced by Massey Ferguson tractor owners is stuck gear. Your tractor won’t be able to move or do any tasks when this occurs, even if it starts. Since shifting gears are often in frequent motion, a tattered spring and locked gear are the outcomes.

Releasing a stuck gear is complicated and if you can’t do it by yourself take it to a dealership. Use a long screwdriver and press on the clutch to unlock the stuck gear. 

If the gear is locked in backward, you must exert force moving forward. However, if the jam is in first or third gear, you should press the gear in the other way. 

6. Hydrostatic Transmission Issues: Repair Speed Linkages

Hydrostatic Transmission

Sometimes, the speed control linkage can break down causing your engine not to start. You will hear a loud sound coming from the engine. 

Massy Fergusen tractors also have a transmission fluid leakage problem which occurs due to blocked transmission fluid returning to the line.

If you have a broken speed linkage, then you will need to fix it asap. Also, make sure to check the transmission fluid line for any blockages and clean them if required. 

Now your tractor should turn on without any trouble. It will cost you between $100-$300 to repair speed linkages in the Massey tractor.

FAQs About Massey Ferguson Tractor Not Starting Issue

Massey Ferguson is one of the most reliable tractors for big lawn owners. But, they also suffer from problems like not starting just like other tractors. Down below, we will discuss a few of the Faqs related to them.

How to fix a stuck starter on a Massey Ferguson tractor?

Simply take the tractor’s starter out. You must check that it is still linked, though. The battery wires should then be replaced after being removed. The starter ought to function after the cables have been correctly reinstalled.

Why won’t my Massey Ferguson tractor start?

There can be many reasons why your Massey Ferguson tractor won’t start. The common reasons are a damaged starter solenoid, a dead battery, and an overheating engine. So, you must carefully find the root of the problem before troubleshooting. 

How do you start a Massey Ferguson tractor that has been sitting?

Draining all liquids and thoroughly cleaning the fuel tank, radiator, and carburetor are the first steps to starting a tractor that has been sitting idle for a while. After cleaning is complete, replace the oil filter and refill the fuel tank with new fuel.

How do you Unseize a Massey Ferguson tractor engine from sitting?

To release, insert a big bar into the crankshaft and gradually bounce it backward and forward. If it doesn’t work, try kicking the tractor’s rear wheels backward and forward while it’s in high gear. After the flywheel has been loosened, give the carburetor a short tune-up.


Today in this guide we discussed 6 different reasons that can cause your Massey Ferguson tractor not to start. All these problems are solvable so you do not need to panic, just follow the quick fixes we discussed above.

Make sure to have proper knowledge about the wirings and internals of your tractors before you go down to troubleshoot the problems. However, if you find the solutions to be too complicated to handle by yourself we suggest you take your tractor to a service center. 

Always take proper safety precautions before working with your tractor’s internals. Also, keep the necessary tools closer to you so that in the middle of work you do not have to roam around to find them. 

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