6 Reasons Why Kioti Tractor Won’t Start and How to Fix It


When you search for the best tractor brands in the USA, Kioti will come among the list of top choices. But they also can suffer from a few problems which will cause them not to start. This will leave you wondering why the Kioti tractor won’t start.

Common reasons for Kioti tractors not starting include broken engine, fuel not reaching the engine, faulty batteries, and more. However, there are also a few other reasons that can lead to this issue. 

Thus, if you are a tractor owner and have trouble with your Kioti tractor not starting, we got you covered. Today in this article, we will discuss all possible reasons for this and how you can fix them.

Why Won’t Your Kioti Tractor Start?

Why Kioti Tractor Won't Start

There are many reasons why your Kioti tractor won’t start. Faulty batteries and broken engines are the most prominent of them all. To know about all the reasons, read below.

  • Broken Engine
  • Faulty Battery
  • Fuel not reaching the engine
  • Safety Switch issue
  • Problematic Alternator
  • Contaminated fuel

6 Solutions For Kioti Tractor Won’t Start

Even though all these problems we pointed out above might seem very complicated to solve in reality, it is not; all you need to do is make sure to find the root cause of the issue and solve it. Below, we will discuss how you can solve your tractor not starting problem in no time.

1. Broken Engine: Repair and Clean the engine

Repair and Clean the engine

A broken or damaged engine is the most common reason for Kioti tractors not turning on. An engine is a complicated machine with many working parts, and the most problematic is the carburetor and spark plugs. If the tractor uses low fuel, these parts must have an issue.

It is best to replace the spark plugs instead of cleaning them as they are pretty cheap. However, for a clogged carburetor, to prevent it from being blocked with dust and debris, you must thoroughly clean it and perform routine maintenance on it.

Spark plugs are available everywhere for as low as $5, and you can easily replace them yourself, saving labor costs.

2. Faulty Battery: Recharge or Replace the Battery

Kioti tractor batteries should provide electricity for a week or two when not in use. As you keep your tractor seated too long in the garage, the battery loses power and becomes damaged. 

First, to fix a dead battery, you will need to check the terminals and if you find them dirty, clean them properly. However, if the terminals are not dirty, then try to recharge the battery and check if your tractor starts. If it doesn’t, then you will need to replace the old battery with a new one.

Generally, these batteries last for four years or more if properly maintained. A new battery can cost between a range of $220-$300.

3. Fuel not reaching engine: Repair the fuel lines

uel not reaching engine

One of the most common problems for Kioti Tractors is fuel not reaching the engine. Air that has become trapped in the fuel line is the primary source of the issue. The engine won’t be able to compress correctly if your fuel lines contain air, which will also stop gasoline from flowing into the engine. 

So in order to fix this, you will have to release the air pressure from the lines using a vacuum pump. Additionally, be sure to look for any blockages in the fuel lines and clean them properly to remove any dust and debris. You can perform both of these cleaning operations at home by yourself.

4. Safety Switch issue: Replace the PTO switch

Replace the PTO switch

The main purpose of the safety switch is to ensure that your tractor’s emergency brakes are engaged so you may exit without worrying about being run over by the vehicle. Typically, the PTO switch is the root of the issue.

Ensure that the PTO, hydraulic pedals, and range shift are all in the neutral position. While putting the key in the “go” position and using the levers, switch the ignition on. You must replace the PTO switch if the Kioti tractor still won’t start.

Typically aftermarket PTO switches can cost between $32-$50. You will also need to add the labor cost, which will be between $30-$50.

5. Problematic Alternator: Replace Alternator 

Problematic Alternator

The engine is what drives the Alternator, which is a little generator. If your battery keeps draining, the Alternator has failed since it maintains the tractor batteries completely charged.

Sadly, if the Alternator gets damaged, there is no way you can fix it. It consists of 100’s of small working components, so you will need to replace the Alternator. We suggest taking your tractor to a dealership to complement the replacement process.

This alternator replacement procedure is quite expensive, and you will need to spend between $100-$300, including the service fee. 

6. Contaminated Fuel: Pump out the old fuel

Pump out the old fuel

Your diesel fuel may be polluted, which is another potential cause of the engine not starting. Your fuel has been tainted with gasoline if you detect a gas smell in the tank. Check the fuel that is being kept as well since as it ages, microorganisms might contaminate it.

The only way to fix this issue is to flush out your fuel tank thoroughly. Make sure that none of the fuel remains in the tractor. Once it is flushed out, clean the fuel tank with water and let it dry, then refill it with new fuel.

FAQs About Kioti Tractor Starting Issue

So far, we have identified the probable reason for your Kioti tractor not starting, but now we will see a few of the Faqs that might be wandering around your head.

Why does my Kioti tractor turn over but won’t start?

Check the gasoline level, the cutoff valve, and the fuel filter if your tractor starts but then stalls out. If those parts appear to be in good condition, air may not be reaching the cylinder.

Are Kioti engines any good?

Daedong diesel engines with strong efficiency and low fuel consumption power KIOTI tractors. These engines have been in use for more than 65 years and are regarded as some of the best tractor engines in the world.

What is wrong with my Kioti Tractor switch?

A known flaw in certain Kioti tractors is the safety switch. Dirt or rust will prevent connection inside the switch if it is present. In earlier tractors, the switch may suffer from severe wear.

Why won’t my Kioti tractor start?

As your Kioti tracker ages, different problems can arise in them, like the wearing of a safety switch, dead battery, faulty engine, and many more. 


Kioti tractors are very widely used tractors, but as they age, they also tend to show few problems. These problems will often cause your tractor not to start. Do not worry about something like this, as it can be solved easily.

It’s crucial to comprehend the root of the issue with your tractor and potential fixes. Being knowledgeable about everything makes handling the problem simpler. Hence, today in this guide, we discussed the reasons for your Kioti tractor not starting and how you can solve them. 

Make sure to follow this guide correctly and have all essential tools in hand before you start to fix the issues. 

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